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Last week I shared My Son's Skateboard Room with you all.  Remember I told you that we're making room for a new baby nursery and so I've been moving rooms around?  Well that skateboard room is now in the "old" toy room.

I never did give you the entire tour of the toy room.  I shared bits & pieces of the room in these posts here, here and here.

Today, this room looks nothing like it did a few weeks ago, but before I show you the now, check out this space when it was the toy room:

Those book holders above the toy box are the Ikea Ribba Picture Ledge. Love these for holding books!!  I actually have some of the larger ones in my boys' shared room (which I'll show you soon.)

The toy room wall color is Sherwin Williams 6523 Denim
This is the view into the toy room from my youngest boys shared bedroom. 

The bookcases on each side of the toy box are Ikea's BILLY Bookcases.  The baskets are from Ikea  and the sand buckets are from Target.

Here's the TV side.

This is how I organized the boys' movies...

... and their x-box games.
The three white tables holding the TV are Ikea's Lack Side Tables.
The alphabet wall art can be found here in my Etsy Shop.
Like I said, in order to create the "new" nursery, I had to move my second oldest son into the toy room.  So now, this room is a completely different room.  It doesn't look anything like this anymore. It even received a brand new fresh coat of paint and it's not blue anymore.
This room is off from my youngest boys' shared room.  Next I'll show you the rest of the shared nautical room.

May you be a little inspired!
Until next time,
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