My Organized Greeting Card Box

I've been wanting to make myself a greeting card box ever since I made my mom one.  If you missed the one that I made for her, you can VIEW IT HERE.  

This box is to store blank greeting cards.  I LOVE creating homemade cards and this is the perfect place to store them.  When a birthday or a special occasion is happening, I go to this box to get a card rather than running out to a store.

I found this adorable box at Target in the gift wrapping section and thought this would make the perfect greeting card box!
 AND I love it!!
 I customized the top of the box . . .
 and made organized tabs for inside the box.
 I recently received this email from Anoymous:  "I love your greeting card organizing box! I tried to see if the labels were in your Etsy shop but I didn't see them."   WELL... I've been wanting to create some printable greeting card box labels for quite some time and this email,  of course, motivated me to do so!
 Simply click the photo above to be directed to the item in my shop.
I cut out the labels with my scallop punch (VIEW the how-to HERE) and then I used Mod Podge to secure them to cardstock paper that I cut to size to fit inside the box.
I also created a special dates to remember page:
which is ALSO available to purchase in my SHOP.  
Click the image above to be directed to this item in my shop.
 I printed it out and attached it to the inside of my box.
Under each month, I write in the birthdays of family and friends, because there is NO way I could remember them all.  Both my husband and I come from larger families.

Here's one last look at my organized card box:
This would make a great gift idea, as well.
Happy Monday to you all!!

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