Candy Bouquet Tutorial

Here is a gift idea for you.  This one can be used for any occasion.  You can even use them as table centerpieces at a party (then give them away as prizes, if you'd like.)

I absolutely LOVED.LOVED.LOVED making this. It was so fun AND  I didn't even burn myself with my glue gun ;)  (If you missed it, view my  DIY headboard post, where I burnt myself with the hot-glue gun.)
NOW onto this tutorial: How to Create a Candy Bouquet:
  Supplies needed for this project:
I suggest getting something heavier than just a basket, as the bouquet gets a little top heavy.  (I ended up adding left over rock from my flower pen gift idea) to the bottom of my basket, for the weight.  You wouldn't need to do this, if you had a ceramic pot or something heavier. 
any craft store would have these, I found mine at Wal-mart
If needed, trim the styrofoam to fit into the basket.
Add some of the paper shred on top of the styrofoam and add three artificial flowers.  This candy bouquet would still be cute without the flowers, but I like to add them.
Hot-glue the wooden dowels to the back of each package of candy.  Use different size dowels.  I only had one size, so I trimmed them down with cutters ...
... and tie curling ribbon around the candy.
You can use as little or as many pieces of candy as you'd like and you can use ANY kind of wrapped candy. 
Now simply start adding the wooden dowels into the styrofoam.  I put a dab of hot-glue on the end of the dowel before placing it into the styrofoam, so that it stays in place.
Once I finished adding all the candy sticks, I tucked a little more of the paper shred in to fill in the empty spots.
 Add a little ribbon and a tag to finish it off.
I've created these SWEET tags and they are NOW available in MY SHOP.  Click HERE to get the Printable Tags.   I've created four different colors.  The great thing about printables is that you get a PDF file emailed to you to download and print, giving you unlimited printing abilities.

You can use these tags so many different ways. Use them as party favors and attach to a bag full of candy, attach to a thank you card, punch out holes on the top and bottom and slide a lollipop through.  These are just a few ideas, the ideas are endless.
Here's another bouquet that I created using the purple tag. 

You can also get creative and make a bouquet out of anything you want!!  In the past, I've also made "golf bouquets" for my golf-loving husband too, using sleeves of balls, golf gloves, gift certificates, etc.  I've also made "spa bouquets" "lotion bouquets" "new-baby bouquets" and more.  Just get creative and have fun with it.

Have a Fantastic DAY!
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