Teacher Appreciation Gift - Flower Pens

Next week is teacher appreciation week. (May 2-6, 2011)  I LOVE teachers and truly believe that it is a GOD-given ability to do the job they do.  A huge thanks to all you school teachers!!  You are making a difference!!

Here's a lil' somethin' I threw together today for my boys' school teachers to show them our appreciation for them:
and the GREAT thing is that it's so inexpensive to create!
The artificial flowers, the pot, river rock and the gardening shovel came from the Dollar Tree.
I added some ribbon around the pot and the shovel.  
I bought a pack of pens and added the flowers to them like so:
First I hot-glued the stem of the flower to a pen, then wrapped floral tape around it, added a little raffia ribbon and Voila - created some cute flower pens.  It's SO VERY simple!
The pens rest nicely in the river rock.
I wanted to personalize the gift  for our wonderful teachers, so I called my mother and together we came up with this poem:
I also wanted to add some sayings to the middle of each flower:
So I created these circle tags, then printed, cut them out and mod podged the paper (so it won't tear.)  Then I simply hot-glued them to the middle of the flowers...
...and I LOVE it!!
I created six sayings relating to gardening: 
A teacher helps a child blossom, bloom, grow, flourish, sprout and thrive.
This is a quick and easy gift to create and it's useful too, which I LOVE!   

I also love sharing with my readers, so I've created a set of the circles and the poem for YOU to print from your computer, if you'd like to use this idea. 

Here is your  F R E E  printable:
Just click on the image above, right mouse click and save image to your computer.
I made another teacher appreciation gift with some of these tags too.  I'll show you that one soon.

Have a Blessed Weekend!
May you be a little inspired!
Until next time,

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