Kitchen Command Center

Every home needs a command center.  Do you have a specific place for clutter, a junk drawer, a place for mail/papers? A place where everything gets 'dumped.' In most homes it usually ends up in the kitchen. Sometimes in a drawer, other times on the counters.  How about your home? Do you have an organized area for all of this "stuff?" If not... here are a few suggestions on how to create a command center.
This is my kitchen command center:
I am fortunate that I was able to design this space while building my home. However, I realize not all homes have built-in's like this.  I've lived in many homes that haven't.  SO... I'm going to give you some ideas on how to create a command center, even if you don't have a space like this.

I sell some pretty cool pieces in my shop that are great for home command centers.  Like the one above and there are more available, so be sure to pop over to the SHOP and check them out.

Make a list of all the things you'd like to have in one central area.  I suggest: a calendar, some sort of message board, key holder, important phone numbers, a place for mail/paperwork, maybe get some ideas from the photo's below.

You decide what would be needed in your home.  Here is how I've set mine up:

I've already showed you my Everyday Message Board. View it {here} if you missed it.
Now let's take a 'looksy' inside the cabinets:
The upper right cabinet is for ME, the lady of the house. 

It holds stuff I don't want my 2 year old to be able to reach,  like scissors, permanent markers, lotions that I use daily {for my very dry hands.}  On the inside of my cabinet door, I've hung a few of the the printables that I have in my ETSY Shop.  Mine are a little different color than what is available in my shop.  Below are the colors available:
The Important Contact List for my family
click here to be directed to the family contact list.
and I also have my Grocery List hanging here too.
click here to be directed to the grocery list
and there is a Red One that's just a tiny bit different.
using the command hooks that I talked about {here} and some binder clips they hang on the inside of the doors.
The upper left cabinet is for the MAN of the house...
Find the honey do list {here} in my Etsy Shop.  I've laminated the list & I use a dry erase marker to write the notes for my man. The command hooks are perfect to hang keys too.
these great bins...
 are from the dollar tree.
more stuff in the upper middle cabinet {candles, flashlights, chargers, batteries}
Now... let me show you the drawers below:
love that this divider slides over...
I get so much more storage.
I've already talked about this drawer. If you missed it, view the post {here.} Next to that drawer is my bill paying drawer:
 next to that is where I keep all my bills.
 I've already walked you through how I organize my bills - view that post {here.}  The bottom drawer holds all my important papers for the year.
A simple file box would work great too!
AND that is my Command Center.

Soon I'll show you a couple of other command centers I have had the privilege in helping create. Make sure you come back soon to check them out.  One is just a simple side table, another is a desk area.   Another option could be an  armoire.

Now it's your turn to create a command center.  Decide where it should be, whether it be in a kitchen, a hallway, entry way, anywhere that works best for your family. Then go and get the supplies you need to put it together. Inform all the family members of where all items belong. LAST, but certainly not least... come back here on Thursday and link up your great family command centers.
Looking forward to seeing your posts :)

May you be a little inspired!

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