Organizing Craft Ribbon

My ribbon is displayed in glass jars on a shelf in my craft room.  
I think it's so Very Pretty and it's easy to see and get to the ribbon.
 I found these great jars at Walmart
 and most of the ribbon too... 
I am attracted to the ribbon aisle . . .
Can you tell?
I just love it, and use it for so many things.
and it's nice having a variety. 
Sometimes, just a piece of ribbon can Inspire Me :)
Here is the How To on wrapping the ribbon...
 I found these great clothespins at the dollar tree
Begin by sliding one end of the ribbon into the clothespin
wrapping the ribbon . . .
. . . over the end to hold it in place
 twirl the ribbon tightly around the clothespin.
 When your finished, slide a pin in . . .
. . . and it holds the ribbon in place. 
Put the wrapped clothespins in a jar & you've got  
a ribbon display of Delightful Order! 

Graduation Party with Printables

Hi all! My son graduated last week.  Today, I am sharing his graduation party decor with you. I have a bunch of printable graduation deco...

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