Craft Room Closet

My gift wrap station sits in my craft room closet.  Remember I told you it is so much BETTER than before.  Well, it is.  The closet was a disaster before and needed a complete overhaul.  

So I dove in, first creating that gift wrap station {view that post here.} Then I used lots of clear plastic bins to store some of my junk stuff &  I created labels for the bins {you know, to cutesify the bins & to know what's inside them.}
This is the closet NOW:
and this was the closet BEFORE:
I like the NOW much better {I think I'll keep it}
Here are the bins on the top shelf of my craft room closet:
 I created and printed my labels, cut them out and used this:
 to stick them to the bins. {I LOVE! and want to get a larger one}
it's so easy to do: simply slide the label in
and pull it through the other side
and VOILA it's a sticker! P.E.R.F.E.C.T
Here are the side by sides of my craft closet:
and another:
 MUCH Better, don't ya think?
A clean and organized space makes me :)  

How about you? Do you have a space that needs some Delightful Order?  Go ahead, dive in & bring  it to where it makes you Smile :)

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