Organizing Christmas Card Addresses

I may be a little late on this one, as it probably would have been helpful BEFORE you started receiving those Christmas cards, but I figured I'd share it anyway because it may be helpful for next year.
This is how I organize my Christmas Card Addresses.  It begins with:   Creating labels for the Christmas Cards I send out: I have created my address list in Microsoft Excel.  It looks a little like this:
I print this out, along with using it to create my Microsoft Word mail merge  to make the address labels.  These are the labels I use:
The printed labels look like this:
These are the labels I attach to my Christmas Card Envelopes  {no writing out 125 + addresses for this chick}

NOW for keeping track of the addresses of family & friends:  This is my way:  Remember that Excel printout? Well, I fold it in half
just so it fits nicely in the front of my address book.
and as the Christmas Cards come in
 I check to make sure I have the correct address, 
and if not I simply write in the new address 
and if I recieve a card from a friend that I don't have on my list
I write their name & address to the bottom of my list.

Sometime after Christmas, I then go back to my Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet & update the addresses, adding the new ones to it. Where they wait for next years Christmas Cards.

This is my way of keeping my addresses updated and, so far, it has worked well for me.

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