Christmas Table Setting Name Tags

Tomorrow we will be having our traditional "Christmas Eve" dinner with my little family  {Mr. "Delightful Order" (my hubby), Mrs. "Delightful Order" (that's me) and our 4 Little "Delightful Orders" (the boys.)

We'll be spending Christmas Day at my husbands parents home, after opening Santa's gifts and I am SO looking forward to it...

Remember our little stocking tradition?  I can't wait to hide those stockings tomorrow night. But how are the boys to know whose is whose?  The stockings have no names on them!

So I decided to make some name tags for their stockings today & guess what I did?
 I'm using them as the place setting name tags for our Christmas Eve dinner.
Cool huh? I LOVE it! {especially because, for the last couple of years we have {no lie} put post it notes with their names on it on the hidden stockings. - SO.. NOT cute!} These name tags are much better!
I just hung the stockings on the back of the chair from my ribbon bows that I already had.
I designed and printed the tags, used some artificial greens that were still in my Christmas Box, hot-glued some buttons & ribbon & voila... No more guessing who's stocking is who's  & when we sit down for dinner tomorrow night, everyone will know exactly where their seat is.

A funny little story:
While finishing the tags up, today, I told my oldest son {he's 10} "I'm making some tags for your stockings, but you probably won't like them, cuz they're kinda girlie." and he replied "I DON'T care if they have princesses on them, as long as there is something in them!"   I got a pretty good chuckle out of that one :) 

Wishing you all a
Celebrating the birth of our LORD!

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