April Challenge: Organizing & Cleaning Bedrooms


So, tell me, are you still doing the Monthly Organizing Challenge?

We're into April now, which means its time to organize and clean those bedrooms.  Are you ready?

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This month I'm challenging you to do the following:

Organize dresser drawers

Organize night stands

Organize closets

Organize toys/ toy storage

Wash light fixtures

Wash bedding

Clean windows & blinds

Wash curtains

Clean baseboards

Shampoo carpets

Below is a little inspiration to get you started. 
Simply click the link under the photo to be directed to the blog post.

Here's your free printable checklist:

(simply click on the photo above and click print)

Okay, ready set, go organize and clean those bedrooms.

This post is part of the Monthly Organization Challenge. You can join the challenge at any time. Go HERE to see all the posts and bring Delightful Order to your home and life this year.

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May you be a little inspired!
Until next time,
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