Simple Paper & Mail Organizing Tip

The spring-cleaning bug has kicked into high gear at our house and I am trying to take advantage of the motivation while it lasts. With that being said, our paper clutter is out of control! We currently receive mail at our house and at a PO Box that we set up while building our home.  At any given time, we have several piles of paper scattered throughout our house and it’s driving me crazy.  

Since March is DaNita’s Home Office Organization Challenge, what better time to tackle that paper clutter than now! I had a file organizer that we used in our previous home, but I needed to update it to make it relevant for our daily lives now. I went on a search for some cute file folders and came across these at Target. 

I knew I wanted three categories: bill, action, and file. Here is how I use each folder with incoming mail.

Bill: This one is pretty obvious, but I use this folder to keep all of our bills that still need to be paid.

Action: This folder is used to hold any item that needs some sort of action like a phone call or e-mail.

File: This folder is for items that need to be filed.

At the beginning of the week, I go through each folder and pay any bills that have an upcoming due date, take care of the items that need further action, and file papers from the previous week.

Three categories work perfectly for us, but your family may need more than that. For example, you may want a folder for each member of the family. I’m sure as our family grows and our children get older, that will probably be the case for us as well. Currently, this system keeps things from being over complicated and best of all, the piles of paper are no more! I hope this simple organizing tip is helpful for all of you. Until next time!

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Nautical Theme Baby Shower

In April, my sister-in-law is having her first baby! This will be the eighth grandchild for my parents and the sixth boy. Needless to say, we are very excited! At the end of February, we hosted a baby shower for her. 

When I plan decorations for a shower, I like to know what the nursery theme is going to be and go according to that. My sister-in-law showed me a picture of a whale wall tapestry she was going to buy so I decided a nautical theme would be very fitting.

My husband, Tyler and I made rustic sailboats out of split pine logs and dowels. I was trying to find sailboat fabric and searched two different stores with no luck. I kept eyeing a receiving blanket that fit my vision, so I finally decided to use it and was very pleased with the final product.  
(My "y's" on my sign may be backwards, but I guess that's my signature move!)

Instead of balloons or pom poms hanging above her chair, I made a baby mobile with an embroidery hoop, string and card stock paper punched into circles. 

I asked Tyler if he could make a wooden whale and this is what he came up with after fifteen minutes with the Jig Saw and an old piece of plywood. I was thoroughly impressed with him! I painted the whale with some leftover white paint.

I stenciled the sign with acrylic paint and cut out triangles from card stock paper. We hung the sign above the juice and ice cream bar. 

The shower was a great turnout and I had so much fun working on all the decorations. Now we are just anxiously waiting for baby Aho to arrive! Thanks for stopping by and see you next month.


"Hello! My name is Jodi from The Whispering Pines.  I love to decorate, refurbish old furniture, create small crafts and come up with unique party ideas. I also have a knack for organizing and enjoy experimenting with new recipes. My style is rustic with a touch of farmhouse. If you ask my husband, I could live in antique shops and home decor stores. I love being inspired by others and hope, you too, can gather a little inspiration for your home!" 


Carnival Theme Birthday Party

So my baby boy turned two last week! I can't even believe it myself!  I had this big "carnival" theme party planned for my little guy and I created a TON of fun printables for the party to add to my Etsy Shop.

Well, long story short, I had to cancel the party, because first he was sick, and then I was sick.

I had everything set up and decorated (for like a week in advance) and I even had the cake and cupcakes made. So my husband, our boys and I celebrated Cruz turning two a couple of nights ago... and of course, I took photo's of everything.

How adorable are the popcorn bags and...
These straws?! They're from the Dollar Tree

These adorable plastic gum ball machines are from the Dollar Tree too.
Since these were going to be little kiddos coming to this party, I filled the gum ball machines with different kinds of candy and not gum balls (for chocking reasons.) 

Paper shred to look like popcorn:

Balloons were suppose to be coming out of the bags on the mantle.

I even set up a photo booth:

... and we did do the photo booth!!

Oh yeah and I made my baby his "If you mustache, I'm two" shirt too.

Hey, you know... It would have been a fun party!! In all reality, we did have fun...  AND the 2 year old?  Well, he won't remember that all his friends didn't get to celebrate with him.

Maybe you want to give your little one a carnival theme party! If so, I already did all the hard work for you!  Just buy the Carnival Birthday Party Package in my Etsy Shop and print your party right from home.

Find the Printable Carnival Party Package  RIGHT HERE in my Etsy Shop.

You can also find the chalkboard looking photo booth sign here in the shop.

Click HERE for even more party and gift ideas.

May you be a little inspired!
Until next time,
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Spray Paint: Your New Secret Weapon

Well, now my secret is out. If I have to paint something other than walls, out comes the spray paint. I usually have about thirty seconds to complete any project so I love the ease of spraying something down with a few thin coats and being done with it. No mixing up cans of paint, cleaning brushes, worrying about brush lines, etc. I usually buy paint with primer mixed in so no need to do that either! Whatever I'm painting, I just haul outside (in good weather) and go to town. I'm still working on getting thin, even coats so I've had a few drips on a couple projects but other than that, it's been a breeze. 

I found this old metal bed at an antique store this summer and with a little sanding to get the rust off and some paint, it's as good as new. Not bad for less than $30!

A few other projects that got the spray down? A lamp base for my daughter's room ($4 at a thrift store), a light fixture mount, our KitchenAid stand mixer, and even our kitchen island! 

Up next: the inside of our built-in desk, a headboard, and possibly a dresser. The possibilities are endless...if you need an inexpensive way to quickly update some furniture or decor, grab a can and work some magic!

"Hello, I'm Ashley from Three Wooden Spoons, a blog featuring my adventures in the kitchen and following our renovation of a 1940's farmhouse in Minnesota. I love to cook and bake, write, explore thrift and antiques stores, drink strong coffee, and dabble in home design. I would describe my style as simple and classic, but also eclectic. I love finding second-hand furniture and home decor, as well as antiques from various eras, and making it all come together for a cohesive interior." 


Ideas for Organizing your Craft Room & Home Office

Hey all!  Yesterday I gave you the list on getting your craft room/ home office organized.   This is part of the Delightful Order Monthly Organizing Challenge. Read all about the Challenge HERE.

Here's some organizing inspiration for you.  

Simply click the links below to be directed to each blog post:

May you be a little inspired!
Until next time,
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March Challenge: Organizing the Craft Room & Home Office

Hello! How did you do with the February Organizing Challenge? Hopefully you got some control over your kitchens.

We're into March now and this month we're going to clean and organize our Craft Room/Home Offices ~ If you don't have an office or a craft room, you can clean and organize the area that you keep your paperwork & bills, craft supplies, etc.

This month, I'm challenging you to do the following:

Organize all your paperwork

Organize your manuals

Organize your mail & bills

Organize your tax information

Organize your coupons & receipts

Organize your paint samples

Create a filing system that works for you

Organize your filing cabinets

Organize your children's paperwork

Organize your books & magazines

Organize your office and craft supplies

Organize your photo's (digital and physical)

Clean and organize the top of your desk

Organize desk drawers

Categorize everything that you can. Use boxes, bins, baskets, binders, tray dividers, file boxes, photo boxes and more.

Tomorrow I will share a TON of inspiration with you that will cover most all of the items that we will be organizing during the month of March.

Today, I'm sharing a bit of my craft room/home office with you:

I've made some major changes to this room since I shared it on the blog back in 2011.  If you missed that post, you can find it here.

Here's a before and after side by side photo so that you can see the changes:
I painted the cabinets and the desk with Annie Sloan "old white" chalk paint. I love how bright the room feels now.

A few of the drawers in my room.

The cabinets on the other side of my room hold memories and photo albums:

The gray file boxes are for my boys memories, school papers, etc:

I have this system set up like I shared a while back.  You'll see more of this tomorrow.

The black boxes hold larger items that won't fit into the file boxes.

I've started creating my boys' keepsake photo memory books... each of them have one of the green albums.  I'm creating these books for them.. and my plan is that once they graduate high school, their album will be finished and it will be part of their graduation gift.

Here's a peek into how I am creating their memory keepsake books:

I'm doing the albums "Project Life" style.  I'm creating my project life pages in digital format.  If you haven't heard of Project Life, read all about it here. I'm so in love with this system. It's so super easy and so very cute!

Here are a couple of pages from one of my boys albums:

I absolutely LOVE designing these pages!  I design my pages in photoshop myself and print them onto 12x12 photo paper. I use some journal cards that I have purchased and I also design my own too.  I actually sell some of my designs in my ETSY shop here.

I also have photo albums for family and friends, myself and my husband and our yearly family photos. Most of my albums in this section are a "work in progress."    I do have some of our yearly albums complete.  Again, if you come back tomorrow you will see more to how I organize my photos.

Here's you free printable checklist:

(simply click the photo above and  print)

Okay so now that you have the list of things to do this month, let's get started!  Remember to come back tomorrow for even more inspiration! 

* UPDATE - Here's the link to the Organizing Ideas for your Craft Room & Home Office

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May you be a little inspired!
Until next time,
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