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In my opinion, moving is one of the best times you can purge. It gives you the opportunity to put your hands on everything you own, and decide if you truly need it.

Even after doing a giant kitchen purge a year prior to our move, as well as getting rid of several items while packing, I still managed to take an additional 3 boxes to Goodwill last week. There is something about living with most of your possessions in storage for 8 months that makes you realize what you can live without! 

Since February’s challenge is Organizing and Cleaning the Kitchen, I thought I would share our brand new kitchen with y’all. Plus, a couple of tips I have for keeping it organized and clean.

Instead of uppers, we opted to do a big window above the kitchen sink. I still have plenty of cabinets on the other side of the kitchen and in our butler’s pantry so I haven’t missed them at all. I found this old brick mold at a local antique mall and knew immediately that it would be perfect for storing our mugs. I am trying to keep things simple so all of the colorful mugs are in a cabinet, and I am on the hunt for some fun and unique white mugs to display.

One thing that helps me decide where I want items to go is visually seeing them in their place. Since I often change my mind a thousand times and don’t want to move heavy dishes until I know for sure where I want them, I use post it notes. I simply list on each one the items I want to store together and move those around until I find the perfect arrangement. I found these post it notes a couple of weeks ago and thought they would be perfect for just that.

And lastly, a few other tips that may help you keep your kitchen clean and organized:

-Do a load of dishes every day so that you start your morning with an empty dishwasher. This prevents dishes from piling up in the sink throughout the day.
-Placing knives, spoons, and forks each in their own section in the dishwasher keeps you from having to separate them as you unload dishes.
-Keep a mini vacuum nearby! I keep mine on the charger in the pantry so that it’s ready to go at a moments notice.
-Use olive oil to prevent fingerprints on stainless steel appliances.
-Load your coffee in the filter the night before so it’s ready to go first thing in the morning.

I enjoyed showing off my kitchen to y’all and would love to hear some of your best kitchen tips and tricks!

Hi! I'm Kristin from The Orderly Home.  I love all things organization and I'm a sucker for pretty storage solutions and anything that makes life easier for me and my family. A little about me: I'm 27, married to my best friend, and mama to a precious little boy. I'm a Texas girl who enjoys cooking and baking, spending time outdoors, and barre workouts. My idea of fun involves an iced coffee, some good music, and a label maker. My style has evolved over the years, and currently I am gravitating towards anything simple, clean, and neutral. 


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