January Challenge - 30 Days to a More Organized Home

Happy New Year!

Today, we start the monthly organization challenge.  If this is the first time you're hearing about the challenge, you can read more about it HERE.

If you're ready to have a clean and organized home this year, then you'll want to begin this journey with us. Just dedicate a 1/2 hr. to 1 hr. each day, working on each task this month.  We're not doing a complete overhaul. Remember we have an entire year to get completely organized, so this is just a quick clean up.

If one of the daily tasks don't apply to you and your home, simply skip over it.  You can choose your own or mix them up a bit, but just dedicate a little bit of time bringing Delightful Order to your home each day.  At the end of January, you'll be so happy you did.

You may want to have a DONATE box and some GARBAGE BAGS ready to toss items in this month.  Our goal is to get rid of some our stuff.

Here is the 30 Day List:

Day 1 - paper / bills
Clear those piles of papers that you have throughout your house.  If you have time and would like to, you can create an all in one planner for important papers, bills, etc.  See my all in one planner here.  Toss or shred papers that you don't need.

Day 2 - photo’s
Take a little bit of time today to organize photo's.  Of course you won't get years worth of photo's organized in one day, BUT you have to start somewhere, so today is a good start.  These posts may help you get started on the photo organizing.

Day 3 - children’s papers
Create a box for each of your children and get their papers, memories, etc. organized and in one place today.  Here's a bit of inspiration for you.

Day 4 - papers - manuals
Get all your manuals in one place today.  You can create organized binders or simple put them in one file box.  Just focus on getting ALL your manuals in one spot.

Day 5 - desk
Clear the clutter off the top of your desk today.  Do a quick organization of the desk drawers too.

Day 6 - free day
This is a catch up day or choose your own space to organize today.

Day 7 - kichen cabinets
Organize one or two of your kitchen cabinets today.  Take everything out, donate or throw out what's not needed, wipe the interior of the cabinets and put items that you use back in.  We will be focusing on the kitchen next month, so no need to tackle too much of this in one day.

Day 8 - fridge
Take everything out. Throw out the old.  Wipe the interiors down with hot soapy water and place everything back in in an orderly manner. Dollar Tree baskets are awesome for organizing the fridge and  freezer.

Day 9 - pantry
Go through and organize that pantry today, throwing out expired foods. I suggest using a pantry for MOSTLY food. Place like items together in baskets, tupperware or clear containers. For a bit of inspiration you can see my pantry here.

Day 10 - under the kitchen sink
This one is easy.  Take everything out, wipe the space down, purge, then put everything back in in a neat and organized way.  Dollar Tree baskets are great here too. See mine here.

Day 11 - entry ways
Pick up shoes, coats, backpacks and anything that should not be in your entry ways today.  Put everything where it belongs. If you have shoe bins, like I do, remove the shoes and vacuum the bins out.  Get rid of shoes that don't fit, etc. and place the good ones back in. Remember, a place for everything and everything in it's place.

Day 12 - free day
This is a catch up day or choose your own space to organize today.

Day 13 - first aid supplies
Organize all your first aid supplies and create an organized medicine cabinet, if desired.  Here is how I keep mine organized. Again, I use Dollar Tree Bins here too.

Day 14 - dining areas
Clear the clutter off the table.  Wipe the table down with hot soapy water and sweep or vaacum the floor. Just remember... Put everything back in it's proper place in your home. If everything doesn't have a proper place, today may be a good day to create one.

Day 15 - linen closet
Remove everything. Donate or toss items that you don't need or use.  Wipe down and vacuum the closet and place items back in.  AGAIN, I use Dollar Tree baskets here too.  See my linen closet here.

Day 16 - living room/family room
Go through and tidy up these rooms today. Discard old magazines, books, etc. Be sure to check under the couches and under the cushions as well.

Day 17 - DVD’s, cd’s, games, etc.
Take today to organize your DVD's, CD's and Games- sell or donate ones you no longer need or use.

Day 18 - free day
This is a catch up day or choose your own space to organize today.

Day 19 - master bedroom
Take some time today to clean up the master bedroom.  Make the bed. Put clothes away in their proper place.  If you have time, organize the night stands too.

Day 20 - master closet
Organize your master closet to the best of your ability today.  Donate or toss any clothing or shoes that you no longer use. Remember that we will take an entire month organizing closets this year, so no need to put too much pressure on yourself.  Just get it a little under control.

Day 21 - children's rooms
Make the beds, pick up the floors, donate or toss anything you no longer need.

Day 22 - children's closets
Organize the children's closets today.  Just like you did in the master closet... donate or toss any clothing or shoes no longer needed. I suggest having the children help in their own rooms.

Day 23 - toys
Toss broken toys, donate some, put like items together in baskets or bins. Again, Dollar Tree bins are great for organizing toys.

Day 24 - laundry room
Let's get the laundry caught up as best we can today. Wash, Dry, Fold and Put away as many loads of laundry that you can today. Do a quick clean up of the entire space. Wipe down the counters, and the washer and dryer too. Sort through cupboards and toss old or expired items.

Day 25 - free day
This is a catch up day or choose your own space to organize today.

Day 26 - garage/basement
No need to get too worked up over this one. I know you won't be able to tackle an entire garage or basement in one day (in the freezing cold winter) but here's what I want you to do today.  Set your timer for 30 minutes.... go into the garage/basement and see how much you can clean up and organize in those 30 minutes.  If you want to, you can include other family members and divide the time.  Remember a little organization is better than none at all.

Day 27 - craft/school supplies
Go through your home and collect all craft and school supplies. Lay everything out on the counter, table or floor, creating piles of like items.  Toss broken crayons, colored pencils, etc. If you haven't already, designate a spot for craft supplies in your house.

Day 28 - junk drawer
Take today to clean out the junk drawer. Just about every house has a junk drawer... or two. If it's two or more - let's focus today on making it only one drawer.

Day 29 - purse/diaper bag 
Go through and organize your purse and diaper bag today.  Throw out garbage, take care of receipts, etc.  Small zipper pouches are perfect for organizing like items in purses and diaper bags.

Day 30 - free day
This is a catch up day or choose your own space to organize today.

So there's the list.  To make it easier to remember everything,  I've created a FREE printable for you to print out.  Simply check off the items as you finish them.  

(simply click on the photo above and print)

Be sure to come back in the next day or two, because I'll be sharing daily habits to a clean home.

This post is part of the Monthly Organization Challenge. You can join the challenge at any time. Go HERE to see all the posts and bring Delightful Order to your home and life this year.

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May you be a little inspired!
Until next time,
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