Basket Case

Living in a house with only a few closets (and only one on the lower level that is used as a pantry) has caused me to get creative with storage options. Since I can't really tuck much away, I have to display it in a practical and pretty manner. Enter: baskets. I've become a little addicted to baskets and if I find one I like, I tend to grab it since I know I'll be able to use it somewhere in the house. I'm always moving them around and switching one out for another but here is our current basket situation. It's a great way to add texture to a room and keep it nice and orderly. Target and Homegoods always have a great selection and are very affordable.

We just installed this island so I haven't had a chance to buy new baskets for underneath; I pulled this one from upstairs to show what I plan to do. I'm also on the hunt for baskets to hold potatoes and onions in my pantry.

Living Room
I only have one basket in the living room right now so it holds everything from books and magazine to chargers and blankets. Yes, it all fits in there! 

Baskets hold toiletries and laundry here. Only having open storage in a bathroom seemed a bit tricky at first but this works great.

I need a few more baskets in here but they help to group similar toys together and maintain some order (some). 

Laundry and books are kept neat and tidy in our bedrooms while also adding some color and texture to the rooms.

Happy organizing!


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