Easy DIY Growth Chart Ruler

Hi all!

I've had this board in my garage for many years now.  It's been white and plain jane until today. For years,  I planned on making it into a semi cute growth chart ruler.  

I didn't want to spend a lot of time on it, as it is in my garage and it WILL get dings and markings and  wrecked by my five boys.  Believe me, I know, because my garage is so very trashed!  They have about a gazillion dings in my fridge and freezer out there.  

Well the other day, my husband was asking me when I plan on making the ruler.  It's been up for many years, but just as a white board and we've been marking our boys height on it with pencil.  Not to mention that when it's actually hung up on the wall it covers some of the damage the boys have done to the wall.

Today I was painting some frames with  this vintage blue color and I decided to paint the board and actually get to making the ruler today too. 

As crazy fast as I did this thing I questioned why I waited so long to make it.

It's certainly not perfect.  It literally was done in about an hour, so it's not my very best work ever, but like I said, it will get beat up on, so that's okay with me. 

We love marking our boys' height every so often and being able to compare from year to year.  It's really neat.

This is the paint I used to paint the board: 

After the board was dry, I stretched my tape measure out and marked the lines that I wanted with pencil.

Then using a ruler to keep straight lines, I used this painters pen to mark the line and the numbers so they are permanent.  A permanent marker will do the same thing.

For the numbers, I printed them out on plain paper, marked the back of each number with pencil, creating a transfer (scribble pretty hard on the back of the paper.)  Flip the number over and put it where you want the number to go and trace it and the pencil markings will transfer.  Paint over your pencil markings.  I use this transfer method a lot. 

When your board is all done and dry. Seal it with wax or poly and start marking your little ones height.

There you have it... a quick and easy DIY Growth Chart Ruler.

May you be a little inspired!
Until next time,
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