DIY: Reed Diffuser

If you’re looking for a simple gift this holiday season, something that is pretty, smells amazing, and is easy to customize to different tastes, then this may be it. Of course, you’ll probably want one for yourself as well so get enough supplies for a few of them. 

With essential oil use gaining popularity, a reed diffuser kit is sure to be a hit. I love the simplicity of them and that they are continuous, as opposed to a misting diffuser that needs to be refilled often (though I have one of those too). My favorite scent is lemongrass so that is usually what I use but I picked up some sweet orange that I’m loving right now. If putting a kit together for a gift, I would buy a small bottle of base oil and two or three essential oils so the recipient can create their own custom scent. Package them up with a cute glass bottle (thrift stores have them a dime a dozen), some reeds, and directions and you’re all set for the gift swap! Bamboo reeds work best as they have larger pores that allow the oil to saturate more quickly, but I’ve had success with wooden kitchen skewers as well. I tend to leave the bottle plain but you could add ribbon to dress it up, or maybe even tie a bell on it if you’re feeling crazy.

What you’ll need to assemble your reed diffuser:
  • base oil (sweet almond or safflower work well; olive or vegetable oils are too heavy)
  • essential oils of choice
  • glass container with small opening 
  • bamboo reeds or skewers
Combine 4 parts of the base oil with 1 part of essential oil in the glass container. Insert the reeds or skewers and stir. Allow to sit for a few hours, then flip the reeds over. Add more base/scented oil as desired.

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