DIY: Christmas Crafts

Christmas is my favorite time of year. There is something enchanting about cold weather, decorating the house, delicious food, family time, and of course celebrating the birth of Jesus. When I need a little decor inspiration, Pinterest never fails to give ideas to get your house in the Christmas spirit. A few months ago, my husband made a hall table for my living room and I wanted to decorate it in a more neutral, woodsy theme for Christmas. I kept coming across two crafts that looked fairly simple and cheap: a pine cone tree and a sock snowman.

For the sock snowman, I didn't have any long, white socks to use so I started out with a white piece of fabric from Hobby Lobby.

  First, I folded it in half, then hot glued both sides to make a pouch with one opening.
I then flipped it inside out so the seams were hidden inside.
I poured white rice inside the pouch and tied the top with string.

 I tied another piece of string around the middle of the snowman to give the appearance of two snowballs.
I tore burlap so that it was frayed on the edge. Then I hot glued the burlap around the snowman head to build a hat.

I tied string around the top of the hat to make a furry ball and added some twine around the base of the hat to give it a finished look.

Then I just added accessories with hot glue, brown fabric for eyes, twine for the scarf, buttons from Michaels, and a wooden nose wrapped in orange fabric. (My husband made the nose out of dowels by sanding them into a cone shape.) I made two slightly different sizes and I think they turned out so cute! 

The pine cone tree was very simple, but a little time consuming. I bought a styrofoam FloraCraft cone from Hobby Lobby and wrapped it with brown fabric using a hot glue gun.
I bought some smaller pine cones from Target and starting from the bottom up, hot glued each one around the tree. I used the largest pine cones for the bottom and gradually went up the tree to the smallest pine cones on top.
 Please note, this will use a lot of hot glue so make sure you have plenty on hand. Very simple and rustic! 
I love the Christmas feel my hall table brings to my home! Give these crafts a try and let us know how you did.
Happy Crafting & Merry Christmas!


"Hello! My name is Jodi from The Whispering Pines.  I love to decorate, refurbish old furniture, create small crafts and come up with unique party ideas. I also have a knack for organizing and enjoy experimenting with new recipes. My style is rustic with a touch of farmhouse. If you ask my husband, I could live in antique shops and home decor stores. I love being inspired by others and hope, you too, can gather a little inspiration for your home!" 

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