Pretty Kitchen Command Center

Back in February, I helped my sister and her family get quite a few spaces in their home organized.  I already shared the laundry room/craft room/office all in one makeover  and how we organized their children's paperwork, memories and more.

Today I'm sharing how we organized a pretty kitchen command center.  I LOVE how it turned out!  

I recently created a similar command center to this is in my home too. I'll share mine with you all soon.

For real, I LOVE pretty organization ~ and I LOVE creating pretty organization!

Here's my sisters kitchen command center to help her family stay organized:

 I designed most of these pieces and they are available in my Zazzle Shop.

The magnetic pieces can be found here.

The large dry erase calendar can be found here.  This is NOT magnetic. It has sticky backing.  It comes with a black dry erase marker and mounting equipment.  It's AWESOME!! I have this same calendar (but different color) and I absolutely LOVE it.  It's big enough for keeping track of any busy schedule.  I use a wet erase marker on mine, not the dry erase marker that it comes with.

The custom floral notepad on top can be found here.

The blue chevron grocery list can be found here.

We hot glued magnets to the back of these notepads.  They are not sent as magnetic pieces.

 The dry erase chore charts can be found here.

AND I do have clipboards in my shop too - these ones are not mine.

There you have it.... A pretty Kitchen Command Center

Source list:
Large Dry Erase Calendar
Dry Erase Bright Pink Chore Chart
Dry Erase Teal Chore Chart
Acrylic Frames
Everyday is a New Beginning Magnet
Round Magnets
Floral Notepad
Grocery List Notepad
Pencil Holder
Magnetic Key Hooks
Round magnetic jars

May you be a little inspired!
Until next time,
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New Lower Prices on Digital Message Centers in the Etsy Shop

Remember my children's homework message center post back in 2011?

Well since then, I have designed so many different message centers and I sell them as digital downloads in my Etsy shop.

GREAT news!!

There are NOW new lower prices on ALL our digital message centers!

May you be a little inspired!
Until next time,
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Organizing Children's Papers, Memories and More

Hello all!  Hope you are well.

A few weeks ago, I shared my sister's laundry room/craft room/office all in one makeover with you.  I told you that we did a TON of organizing, in just a few short days, at her home and that I would share some more of the organizing that we did there.

Another thing we tackled in her home was her children's paperwork.

If you have children, then you know how quickly those art pieces, school work, photo memories and such add up.  It's fast! They bring home papers every day from school.  They draw, color and create masterpieces often.  Some (not all) of those papers you want to keep for memories.

BUT... if you don't organize their papers right away, they can quickly become out of control (especially if you have more than one child.)

So today I am sharing an EXCELLENT way to keep track of your children's papers.  

I've already shared my way of keeping my boys' papers, memories and such organized.  You can view my post here.  We basically did the same thing at my sisters.

We got file boxes for each of her children.

 ... and lots of hanging files and manila file folders for inside.

This system works great and I would recommend it to everyone that wants to organize your children's paperwork and memories.

May you be a little inspired!
Until next time,
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Graduation Party with Printables

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