Owl Birthday Party Ideas

My niece turned 6 last week and my sister asked me to create some Owl printables.  So I did and I had a ball doing so!  I love to create printables and I love to help plan parties!  So super fun and this party turned out ADORABLE!

To begin with they sent out these invitations:
 Click here to be directed to the editable invitation in my shop.

Then I went on and created the ENTIRE printable Night Owl Party Package.
My sister printed and assembled the printables.

... and had the party!
Here are all of the photo's from the party:
(photo's courtesy of my niece, Tiahna)





I created the owl printables and my sister used poster board to create the window.  (She used poster board to create the "bed pillows at the head of the table too.)

my mom did up this schedule chalkboard.







My sister wanted some "home made" owls to give to each girl at the party.
So... my mom knitted these adorable owls (with some help from my older sister and my aunt.)
Aren't they as cute as ever?

To go along with the owls, I created a printable adoption card.

Each girl got to "adopt" their owl at the party...
... they gave their owls a name and wrote it on the adoption cards.

 The owls were a hoot! ;) The girls LOVED them and I think they turned out so stinkin' cute!

 I totally want one of these owls for my baby boy's nursery!

There you have it! An adorable night owl party for any little "nite owl."

Want to create a party like this?  It's so easy with our party printables!  And the best thing is they are an instant download, so absolutely no waiting needed! They are emailed as soon as you purchase them.

Editable Night Owl Party Invitation

Entire Night Owl Printable Pack

May you be a little inspired!
Until next time,
 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


  1. This is so stink'n cute! Love the black backdrop with stars. The window on wall with owls peeking in. The chalkboard schedule. My word it is all toooooo cute!

  2. This is so amazing and creative. Great job! I am sure your niece and her friends enjoyed this. This will be one memorable birthday party for her.

  3. That is just over the top adorable!!!

  4. Absolutely adorable!! What an amazing party!! You did an incredible job. I love all the owls.

  5. i like your idea keep sharing more amazing ideas
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  6. Awesome idea! Someone needs to collect great ideas like this and give for baby shower gifts, before it's too late!! Thanks so much for sharing!

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