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I'll be hosting Christmas Dinner at my place this year. I can NOT believe that's only one week from today.  

With planning a sit down meal, it's got me trying to figure out how I want to set my table.  How do I want to fold the napkins? what do I want to use as name settings?

Well... today... I'm going to share what I will be using as the children's name setting place cards. 

I absolutely LOVE having photo's of my little ones displayed all over my house. Especially now more than ever!

So, with that in mind, I made these:
For Christmas Day they'll be set on the table, so the children know where they'll be sitting.  When dinner is over, they get their very own Christmas Tree Ornament.

The best part? They're SO EASY to make! This is all you need to make them:
plus a photo.
The frames are from the Dollar Tree. I printed a photo with the name and year, popped the glass out, added the photo...
 hot-glued a little ribbon to the back.
 and that's it.
 The frames have stands on the backs of them, so they stand up nicely.
 They'll be perfect as place cards at the table on Christmas day.
Then adorable little Christmas ornaments for each of the little ones to take home and hang on their Christmas tree.

May you be a little inspired!
Until next time,  

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  1. Adorable! What software did you use to print the photo, name and year? Thank you! Please email me at christi.rodman@verizon.net


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