My Snow Village Christmas Decor Gets a New Home

You remember seeing my snow village in my past Christmas posts, right?

Do you remember that I was saying I'm simply running out of room to continue displaying it above my fireplace?  I talked about that in this post here.  

My husband and I have a tradition that we started when we first got married.  It's to add something new every year. This year all I wanted was some larger trees and I got 4 of them at 60% off, so I was thrilled!

So being that I was running out of room, this year I had to find a new home for the village.

... and this is it!

This past summer I found these bookcase units on Craigslist for a great price.  There are actually 3 pieces that go together.  There's another piece (which is a TV armoire) that belongs in the middle of these two pieces.  

I have the bigger one in my craft room to store my photo's and such. (I hope to share how I've been organizing my photo's in the new year... It's been a massively HUGE job, but I'm making progress.)

Anyway.. these pieces were painted a dark brown when I bought them.  I knew that I would be changing that and painting them cream. I've had the right unit painted since last summer. So since then, this is the way they looked...

Yep, half way done. Since Last Summer. Talk about procrastinate huh? ;)

I knew this was where I wanted to display my snow village and in order to set it up, I made it a goal to FINALLY paint the left unit.  (It's a BIG.BIG. job.)
So last weekend, I finally painted it.  My hubby was gone with the boys (and these units are heavy) so I just painted it right where it was, I didn't even move it into the garage (which is where I usually paint furniture that I am redoing.) I just laid out paint cloths over the carpet and went to town redoing this thing.  Once my husband came home he did have to help me move it away from the wall so that I could get the sides and the very bottom.
and today... she looks like this.

here's a few close ups.
 we love it.
 and our boys totally LOVE it!
You can just see the boys' imaginations working, while they sit and gaze at each section...
 I'm betting they're wishing they lived there. :)
 This is the way it looks at night.
and again in the daylight.

So that's it, our new home for our ever growing Christmas Snow Village.

Come back next week to see more of my Christmas Decor and to view my 2012 Christmas Decor Home Tour.

May you be a little inspired!
Until next time,  

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  1. I love the idea of buying one new thing each year. It's my husband and my first Christmas as a married couple and I think I'm going to copy your idea. I also love the display. It looks like that space was built for it.

  2. LOVE it! My mother started buying us Snow Village houses in 1970 - one each year. After I was married, my husband and I continued the tradition and when we had children we started them on the North Pole village. Needless to say, I have tons - too many really! I haven't put them out in many years and will soon be dividing them up among the boys for their own homes and to rekindle the tradition with their own families.

    Your village is beautiful... may it bring you many years of happiness!


  3. It's absolutely beautiful!! I love them in the bookshelves. It so beautiful. We started villages for our girls and each year they get to pick out a new piece. They have theirs in their rooms. I have a mini village in our living room with pieces that were handed down from my mom.


  4. First off, I LOVE the units themselves!! Beautiful job you did refinishing them!
    AND the village looks stunning here!! So very pretty!! I have one village that always goes on a platform under my tree and I ran out of room in the house this year so I did not put out my second village this year. I will be thinking about something like this for next year now....

    Thanks for the inspiration!!


  5. Love your idea of putting them in the bookshelves. I do have a question, how did you elevate the houses, etc.? I have tried purchasing the foam as risers from the craft store and have been unable to get them. What did you use?

    1. I use the foam that the houses come in to elevate them.


  6. Beautiful!! You always have such great ideas.

  7. I'm not a big on the snow villages (only because I don't have anywhere to store and display them), but wow! I love this! What a perfect home for your villages and you did such a nice job painting the cabinets! Very nice and Christmasy!

  8. I absolutely love it!!!

  9. So beautiful! I love Christmas villages! :) Merry Christmas!


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