Storing Children's Hand Me Downs & More

Good Morning!!  Hope you all had a fabulous Memorial day!

Last week I showed you the storage closet that I organized and told you that I would share more about what I store inside the bins. Today I'm showing you a peek inside.

One of the bins holds home décor, two house Halloween costumes, but most of the bins consist of clothing.  Some are filled with my winter clothes and  maternity clothes, but the majority of the bins hold my boys’ hand me down clothing, shoes, winter gear, sports gear and such. 

While re-organizing this closet the other week, I went through each of the bins and got rid of  some of the items inside.  Those items went into the garage sale. More on the garage sale coming soon.

I had the bins semi-organized and sort of labeled before, but decided that it was time to put large, easy to read labels on them.  I recently received an email asking if I offered large editable labels for bins so…
…these ones are now available RIGHT HERE in my shop.  The great thing about these labels is that you can type whatever wording you want.
Not only does the newborn bin have newborn clothing, but I also store bottles, blankets, baby towels and anything else that I would be using for a newborn baby that fits inside.
I didn’t photograph every single bin, but as far as the boys’ hand me down clothing, I have separate bins for the following:
  • Newborn 0-6 months
  • Boys 6-12 months
  • Boys 12-24 months
  • Boys 2 & 3 years
  • Boys 4 & 5 years
  • Boys 6 year
  • Boys 7 year
  • Boys 8 year
  • Boys 10-12 year
  • Boys shoes
  • Sports gear
Once my boys outgrow the size that they’re in,  I simply go to this closet and switch out the clothing in their drawers/closets, replacing them with the new sizes and adding the clothes that are too small for them to the proper bin.
Super easy!  I’ve had this system for 12 years now and it works just great.
I have a separate bin for boys hand-me down shoes too. 
Inside the big bin, I’ve organized the shoes by size in small Dollar Tree shoe bins.
The way that I’ve stacked the shoes, the lids don’t fit, but since these are inside another bin, I’m okay with that.  I just store the lids inside, in case I decide to use the clear shoe bins for something else someday.

I have a separate bin for winter hats & gloves and…
… winter jackets and ski pants for the little guys.
and a few different bins for some of my clothing.
and ...
Inside this closet I also have 2 large bins of Halloween costumes too.
and that’s what I store inside this closet and how I store my children’s hand me down clothing.
To label the bins in this closet, I used these editable labels that are now available in my shop.  You can use them for whatever you want, for personal use only.

Wishing you all a delightful and productive week!  May you be a little inspired!

Until next time,


  1. I love this post, and as a mom quickly running out of storage space it's particularly timely! I'm wondering, though, if you have a rule for what and how many items of clothing you save? Obviously, if it's not in good condition it gets tossed. Thanks!

  2. I love this post, and as a mom quickly running out of storage space it's particularly timely! I'm wondering, though, if you have a rule for what and how many items of clothing you save? Obviously, if it's not in good condition it gets tossed. Thanks!

  3. I love this post... I thought I was doing well storing them in old diaper boxes labeled with a sharpie... this is so much neater!!

  4. Always feels so good to get things organized, doesn't it! You did a great job -- and when you're ready to sell them -- just pull the bins right out into the garage sale -- LOL!

  5. What a great organizational system! I like that it's functional and you've made it look pretty. What brand & size of bins are these?

    1. The brand is Sterelite, I'm not sure the size, approx: 25"w x 16"high

  6. That's so nice & organized! I use a similar system but find that the clothes aren't near as cute the 2nd go round & usually buy more...need to do better with that! I also have a thrift store booth which works well for regularly cleaning out the house & clothes. For us, we have found this to be better money than garage sales in our area. Just a thought...Laurie

  7. I found your blog on pinterest today and my heart stopped. Your organized home is the desire of heart! I love it! Amazing! This is much prettier than how I do it with left over diaper boxes! LOL

  8. what a great way to organize and store those items. Thank you

  9. Love love love your style!

  10. Can you tell me how you got them to stick to the totes? I love this idea!

    1. double sided tape would work.

    2. I went to office max and bought adhesive, clear business card holders as my bin label holders. They are really sticky, and then I print out cards, or in a jam I have written on the backside of old business cards and then swap them out if I need to change a bin's contents!

  11. As a Mama of 7 kiddos ages 8 and younger....I am overwhelmed by the amount of clothes to organize and have just started to go through everything. >.< Thank you for sharing this post and inspiring me. Now....I just have to find the time before we start homeschooling again this year, lol.

  12. I started organizing our clothes like this a long time ago so I have a tip to add. I suggest bundling clothes within the bins by type. Maybe a younger child doesn't need to move up to size 5 in everything in the bin. His legs are still short and you only want to find shirts/sweatshirts. So within my bins I have things bagged up and labeled by jeans/pants, shirts, pajamas, etc.

    1. I like that idea Betsy!! Or "Smaller 5" and "Bigger 5" even as we all know size varies even if it's labeled the same.


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