Organizing My Recipe Inspiration

Last week I showed you how I organize my family favorite recipes.  Today, I’m sharing  how I organize my recipe inspiration.  I’m talking about those recipes that one spots and says “mmmm… that sounds yummy, I think I’ll make that someday.”  So how does one keep track of all those different recipes?

Me, well when I find a recipe online, I PIN it to Pinterest, under the recipe category. Simple as that.  When I’m looking for a different recipe to make, first I go to this binder that you're about to see, next I go looking on my pinterest.  If I decide to try it that week, I print the recipe. If I think it’s a keeper, it may possibly be transferred onto my recipe cards and added to our family favorite binder, which is the spot I go looking first while I plan our meals for the week. 

With all those recipes that I spot in a magazine or book, I tear them out, or make a copy of them, depending on the magazine or book.  To keep them all organized I use another binder that looks just like the favorites binder.
I used the same printable package that is available to purchase in my shop:

click the image above to be directed to this item in the shop.

but with a different cover page. 
the tabs are the same.  Those are part of the printable pack. Simply print, cut-out, fold and staple on.
I created a different side label too.
AND the biggest difference with this binder vs. my favorites binder is the inside pages.  My family favorites has recipe cards, protected in 4 x 6 photo sheet protectors.  In this binder, I use full page 3-hole punched sheet protectors (you can find them at any office store.)
mine are from Office Depot.
I simply inserted each divided page from the printable set that I created into the sheet protectors.  I laminated the ones in my family favorites binder.
and I actually stapled the tabs directly onto the sheet protectors.
Inside each section, I put recipes that I’ve torn out magazines.
Super easy peasy!
or copies of recipes that I’d like to try someday into go into the sheet protectors.
I keep a bunch of extra sheet protector pages in the back of the book, which makes for easy additions.
And that’s it.  I store our Family Favorites Binder and this Recipe Inspirations binder in my baking cabinet next to all of my recipe books.

Do you have a different way of organizing all your recipes that you’d like to try someday?  Or what about those family favorites?  Do share, I’d love to hear from you.

May you be a little inspired!
Until next time,

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