Organizing My Mom’s Craft Storage Closet

Hey there!  Hope your weekend was fab!

I‘m going to finish showing you my mom’s organization in the next couple weeks.  Back in January, I spent some time at her place getting a few of her spaces in order.

Today, I’m sharing her hall closet. It’s mostly filled with crafts, but there are also gifts, photo’s, tools and whatever else needed a home in her place.

The after is a MUCH better space than the before.
This is what the closet looked like when I went to put something in it.  I could hardly get the door to open.

When I went to my mom’s house the plan was to organize her knitting and sewing spaces.  However, often times when you start to organize one space, it leads to another and another. So I ended up organizing many different spaces in her home.
Check out all the storage bins in this closet.
Most of the bins are either Sterilite bins from Wal-Mart or Dollar Tree bins.
My mom stocks up on gifts. We made a special place for boy gifts…
and a bin for girl gifts.
I used Avery address labels to label these bins.  I do like the labels that I sell in my shop better, because they are bigger and brighter and easier to see at a glance.
a place for everything…
… and everything in it’s place.
These bins are photo bins that my mom needs to go through.  She started to create memory books for each of her kids, the large bin on the bottom holds all of those books.
more craft items and an greeting card box, organized similar to mine
and a special place for games.

Now.. check out the before and after together:
Much better, don’t you think?

May you be a little inspired!
Until next time,


  1. That is impressive!!! How long did it take from start to finish?

  2. Well it was on-going organization. I believe I spent about 4, 5 or 6 days organizing the craft room, sewing room, hall closet, bathroom cabinets, above the garbage cabinets and the medicine cabinet. With some help from my mom and sisters.

  3. Great job!! I have been working on my house room by room and closet by closet. phew... it has been daunting but I just remember to take it one thing at a time.

  4. The closet looks great! It is always so nice to get a space organized and be able to find whatever it is you are looking for! And it is extra nice to not have to pull out a million bags/boxes to get to the item you need. It looks so much better! I am sure your mom is thrilled!

  5. looks great!!! can you come to my house next?!

  6. Nice job! Feels so good to see everything in its place, doesn't it! Wish I could keep it up better at my house.

  7. I just love to be organised and thoroughly enjoyed reading your post. Your Mum must be so happy now. You did a great job. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Looks great!! It's so nice to when you can find just what you need.

  9. I'll send you my address and set a time for you to come organize MY closets! Great job -- I'm sure she appreciates your effort and will enjoy crafting even more now!

  10. Great job organizing your mom's closet! I bet she is tickled pink about it!

  11. Wow! It looks awesome! What a transformation!

  12. oh my, that's beautiful. I wish I could snatch you and get you to help me for a day. Love what you have done. Simply love it...

  13. I am VERY inspired. In fact, today I have begun to transform my daughter's old room into a hobby room. And by old, I mean she moved out 10 days ago. I let myself grieve for a week and then began searching Pinterest and blogs for ideas on how to organize it as a sewing/ craft/ art/ scrapbooking room. I love your blog! You ave given me some real motivation!


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