Organizing My Mom’s Sewing Room

Last week I told you how I did some organizing for my mom back in January.  I shared her knitting/crocheting storage room with you and I still plan to show you a few more spaces in her home as well.

This post is showcasing her recently organized sewing room:
It’s certainly nothing too fancy and was done on a low budget, but this room now packs a lot of organization, which is what this room needed.   The black buckets were $1.00 at Target.  They had a spider man logo on them and my dad spray painted them black.

If you’re looking for inexpensive ways to organize, peg boards are a great option!  I’ve used them to organize my clients craft supply center, I’ve also created myself a gift wrap station with peg board.  You can use them for so many different things.  I have plans to do more with peg boards in the future. 

The minute I walked into my mom’s sewing room I knew that peg board was exactly what she needed.

Check out the before photo’s:

and the NOW…

I love glass jars.  If you read my blog often, then you know that I use them a lot.
The dresser holds all kinds of different supplies that my mom uses often…
separated in the drawers by dollar tree bins.
One of the dresser drawers holds patterns.
A rod was added to hang items that my mom is working on.  She always has pants, dresses, gowns, etc. that she’s altering for customers.  My mom is an amazing seamstress!  I watch her work on gorgeous wedding gowns, pulling them apart to alter them and I get so nervous (I know I’d be scared to ruin them and not be able to fix them.) BUT she ALWAYS makes them better!! :)
Remember back in the knitting/crocheting storage room post, I told you that a lot of the material that was in the closet was moved into bins into my mom’s basement?
This is just a few of the bins.
She has many more bins in this room.  She’s got a TON of material!  She could probably open up her own fabric store pretty soon ;) lol!
The material is separated by type.
Batting and stuffing has it’s own bin as well.

Now for the before and after’s together of this updated sewing room:
That’s it, my mom’s sewing room now organized. 

Come back soon to see her hall closet re-do.  I turned it into a craft storage closet and it’s so much better than before.

Next week is the Spring into Organization Blogger Home Tour.  You don't want to miss out!

May you be a little inspired!
Until next time,

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  1. I love your use of a peg board.

  2. My mom is a seamstress too. She has an alteration shop of her own. I wish I could organize just her home sewing room but its bottomless and the biggest mess ever! Looks great what you did.

  3. It looks great! How did she feel about losing that awesome light over her sewing machine, though? My machine is currently in a dungeon corner and it's really a struggle for me to use now.

  4. She didn't lose the light. It's above the peg board. You can see it in the first photo of the post. I know how important it is to have light at your sewing machine, even though machines have built-in lights, it still gets hard to see at times.

  5. Her room looks great! Love the wall of peg board! You've done a great job for her!

  6. room looks great inspires me to get over to my mom's for a lil spring cleaning thanks for sharing

  7. Thank for the pictures! I needed to show something exactly this for my husband to understand my vision. Cleans up the work station.

  8. Great organizing...I wish you'd come to my house to help me get my craft room organized. I really need to get it organized.
    Thank's for sharing the post.

  9. Just found your blog. I love the idea of using peg boards. Do you put them on some kind of frame so that there's space between the back of the board and the wall so the hooks can be placed?

    1. yes, you put the board on wood to create a frame so that you have space.

  10. Where did you put the ironing boards? A sewist has to be able to press!

    1. The ironing board is in the right corner of the room (under the dress holder)on an ironing board rack that is attached to the wall. Sorry that I didn't post photo's of that area.


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