Simple Bathroom Storage

Here are some simple storage ideas for under the bathroom sink or in a bathroom cabinet:
I picked up a few Dollar Tree baskets and filled them up…
and made some cute labels for them.  You can find the printable labels in MY SHOP HERE.
Roll towels and place them in a basket…
and same with wash cloths.  I believe these wicker baskets came from Ross.
A couple bucks spent at the Dollar Tree and look at the order here.  I totally love it!!
The bucket is from the Dollar Tree too. I filled it with bathroom cleaning supplies and placed it under the sink.  I keep plastic grocery bags under the cleaners.  I use the bags as bathroom garbage can liners.  Keeping extra bags close by makes for easy clean up. Simply remove the full bag from the can and add the new bag, simple as that.
Once again you can find these fun labels in my shop right here.
After purchasing them, simply print the file that is emailed to you, cut the label out and attach any way you wish.  If you’d like, laminate the labels once you cut them out to protect them from water spills, etc.

Next I'll show you the rest of our bathroom storage, sharing how I organize mine and my husbands cabinets and drawers in the master bathroom.

I just re-organized a lot of spaces in my mom’s place.  I used a bunch of Dollar Tree baskets under her bathroom sink too. I’ll show you what I placed inside them soon.  Be sure to come back and check it out.

May you be a little inspired!
Until next time,
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  1. I just LOVE the labels that you make!!! The towels and washcloths look great! Can't wait to see the rest of the bathroom storage and your mom's too :) Janel :)

  2. Love this. Dollar Tree here I come! Inspiring...yes.

  3. I have been using dollar tree baskets for alot of my organizing. I like the towels in a basket, I will have to try that.

  4. Too funny...I just bought baskets from Dollar Tree to organize my hubby's t-shirts and bam here is your post on organizing them. I'm going to have to go and make me some cute labels :-)

  5. I fold up 3-5 grocery sacks and put them at the bottom of the (unlined) can. That way, hubby has no excuses when he takes the trash out.


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