Clients Home Décor Tour

Hello, Hello!  Hope you all had a fabulous weekend. 

This is the last post on a clients home that my niece and I decorated last summer.

The guest room is very simple, done with a very minimal look. I decided to share the room with you because there’s a couple of things that may interest some of you…
Like these extra long  navy blue curtain panels that came from Ikea. Ikea has some great panels! Especially if your looking to get long lengths.  A lot of them come with iron-on-hemming tape too.
This adorable bedding is from JCPenney’s
The Wrought Iron Wall Piece is from Ross.  I found one similar on Kaboodle.  I’d like to get one of these pieces for my back porch.
That’s it for the photo’s of my clients guest bedroom.

If you missed any of the other rooms from this home you can view the post on each of them by clicking the photo’s or the links below:

That wraps up this clients home décor tour. 

I've been doing more organizing lately! Some in my own home and some from my mom's place. Be sure to check back soon to see how I've organized bathroom cabinets to closets, to sewing supplies, knitting supplies, material and more.

May you be a little inspired!
Until next time,


  1. very serene, I love it! I also like bedrooms to be more minimal and restful. Nice work!

  2. WOW! You did a wonderful job DaNita! The house is just beautiful! Too bad you don't live in the NJ...I would just LOVE for you to do my house!
    Janel in NJ

  3. Thanks for the post! This information will be very helpful for me. I will definitely bookmark your blog..


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