Christmas Décor Bin Organizing

How do you organize and store all of your Christmas décor?  I use big Sterilite bins.
You can find these guys at Target, Walmart, etc.
I’ve had them for many years and they’ve worked just great for storing my Christmas Décor.

Last week I spent a day taking down all my inside Christmas décor and I actually took some time to re-organize the bins.
I use large Ziploc bags to sort things inside…
I even put my non-glass bulbs in the bags.

When my bigger boys were younger they broke a few of the glass bulbs, so I decided to get unbreakable ones from now on.  I liked the gold ones AND they are glass. I kept them and store them in the box they came in, inside the bin.

My stair garland and stockings fill one of the big bins.
I use a shoe box to store my artificial poinsettias and this gets placed inside one of the bins as well.
Another bin is for my new nativity set, the sanctuary that my father-in-law built for me and the table garland that goes around the set.  Notice how I can take apart and fold the sanctuary?  How awesome is that?! I was thrilled that it fit so perfectly inside.
I made some fun new labels for my bins...
printed them, cut them out and slid them through my awesome sticker maker.

These printable labels are available for you to purchase right here in my shop.

When all was said and done, I ended up with a few things that went to Goodwill.

I mean that it went straight to goodwill, it did not sit on the floor in the garage for more than a couple of minutes, simply to take pictures.  It went directly into my husbands vehicle to be dropped off at Goodwill the next day.

Here’s a little tip for you: When organizing a space, de-junk, de-clutter, get rid of, donate, throw out, whatever you want to call it, just purge some of the stuff.  Especially if you haven’t used it for a while.  Why waste space? Someone’s trash is often another’s treasure.

So tell me, have you taken your Christmas décor down?  Got any great storage solutions to organizing it? 

May you be a little inspired!
Until next time,  
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  1. I use red sterlite bins I got on Clearance at Target several years ago. They really stick out amongst all the random blue/black/purple bins for all my other storage. =)

  2. I use the red and green bins from Target. Love this approach. This year I made labels but I wasn't happy with the way I had them adhered to the bins. Looking for a new idea. The other thing I love are the ornament boxes!! Best thing ever!

  3. I'm still in the process of organizing before it all goes in the attic. Each tub is numbered & a list is on the computer with details about the contents. I'll be taking a few things to GW too.


  4. I have all mine stored in blue bins too. Mine, however, are not nearly as nicely labeled as yours. I think it might be time for me to make some labels.

  5. I'm a bit OCD when it comes to my decorations. I put them away almost entirely like you. The one difference is my nativity tree. I have many hand blown ornaments on it and they don't have a box. I wrap them in paper towel and put them in a smaller container inside the big ones. I love your big stickers. I label mine "Gingerbread Kitchen" or "Bedroom tree" just so I don't have to open all the tubs for which one I want.

  6. I just finished packing up my Christmas decorations yesterday. I have 2 bins and a box now (instead of 5 boxes), and they are now all together in the garage. I also did some serious sorting and purging and got rid of some things I don't like or use. Can't wait for next year!

  7. I also use Sterilite bins for my decorations. Lights and tinsel in one box and tree decorations in another. All of my decorations are wrapped in layers of kleenex since they're all glass. They then get put into their original boxes and stacked in the bin. No labels, but they're the only two boxes I have.

  8. I have an assortment of red/green bins that I use...along with some 'larger' totes for some big pieces. Have begun the purging part...but have a very long way to go. Did not put up a tree this year, so those bins are still sitting...til next year. Some of the bins are missing in action from moving this summer...hopefully in storage to be found soon!

  9. One year I bought all new bins (20) for all my yearly decorations, so they would all match, and were ones that I could carry myself up and down the stairs. Looks like the exact same ones you have. I love that they're big enough to fit larger items, but not too huge I can't heft them myself. Love getting organized.

  10. Very nice organization!! I think I need one of those sticker makers!!

  11. Love your organization. I use a similar system but not nearly as organized as you. Love the labels! I need to do that!

  12. Hi DaNita,

    I also went to Goodwill but, I went at the beginning of the season when I decorated my house. Now I've just got 4 big bins and two small ones plus my artificial tree. It's really nice to have less to store! This year I also included a list of what I need to purchase next year (new lights) and what went well this Christmas. I just put the list in the box so I can reference it next time.

    I love your blog. Keep those posts coming! They are so inspirational to me (and all your readers).


  13. I've put away most of my Christmas things. We are still working out the storage issues. I used my label maker to label each and every item that went into the boxes. I bought red and green boxes from Target so I can easily identify the Christmas items :D

  14. I love that sticker maker. I've been looking to label my pantry items. Do you think they would hold up to some light handwashing?

  15. Hi Danita! Oh yes I've taken my decor down as well on New Year's Eve to be exact. I have this superstition about letting the New Year catch me with my decorations up. I think I inherited that from Mom. I like you store mine in Sterilite type bins and a lot of the ornaments are stored in the XL Ziploc bags. I'm not even sure if they still sell them. I reuse them for different things but I really like how I sorted them this time. Here's to a New Year.

  16. We don't take down Christmas decorations until after Epiphany, when the 3 Kings arrive. That was yesterday, so now I am ready to start putting things away ... This post has truly inspired me! I am bringing up ALL of my holiday bins and am going to sort and organize everything before I put them away. I am going to LABEL them, too! I have a handful of snowman/snowflake decorations that I never put up for Christmas, so I am going to put them around as "winter" decorations, maybe until Valentine's Day. I always have a hard time putting Christmas away, because it always looks so dark and bare ... Hopefully with a few cheerful wintery decorations, we can get through this long, cold time of year a bit more easily!

  17. I love those plastic bins. I have the ones in my attic color-coded by holiday: green for Christmas (there are lots, so they are in one section of the attic), red for Valentine's Day, pale purple for Easter and I even found black and orange ones for Harvest/Halloween. All other household items are in blue, out-of-season clothing in gray and camping/Boy Scout gear in a beige footlocker. It's simple to find what I need! Now if only I could get the papers under control...


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