All-In-One Family Planner

I’m beyond excited to introduce a brand new printable package that’s now available in the Shop.

It’s the All-in-One Family Planner. All you have to do is print the 24 pages, pop some holes into the pages, place into a binder and you’ve got complete organization for your family.  The great thing about this printable package is that you can print the pages as many times as needed.  (As always my printables are for personal use only.)

I’ve created the pages and put them in a binder for my own use.  It’s so awesome to have it all in one place.  I’m loving this setup and I’m loving the peace of mind that comes along with feeling like things are becoming a little more organized.

Here’s my family planner:
I just used an old 2 inch binder that I had kicking around.  Inserted the cover page…
and bought a couple packs of these pocket dividers to separate the sections.  I wanted the pockets to hold extra paperwork without having to punch holes in them, like my bills, medical receipts for tax purposes, etc.
The dividers come with tabs that you can print on, so I did just that and labeled each section.
Included in the All-In-One Family Planner printable package is a cover page and a yearly calendar (12 total pages.)
You also get the peek into the week printable.
and the special dates to remember page to keep track of those birthdays, anniversaries, etc.
Next up is the To Do List.  This is a necessity in my home. I have to write everything down or I WILL forget it.  There is just way too much stuff to remember in life and I’m convinced that I lost more and more of my memory with each child that I’ve had ;)
Also included is a meal planning chart,
a red grocery shopping list. (I’ve been using this list for quite a few months now and I’m telling you, it makes grocery shopping SO much easier!)
There’s a freezer inventory list.  This one I’m super excited about, because I’ve been on a ‘make ahead freezer meal’ kick lately and it’s so easy to keep track of all those meals.  In the morning, I simply look at my list, rather than go to the freezer and dig through them all.
Then there’s a contact list to keep track of all important addresses and phone numbers.
A monthly budget form is also included.  You may remember seeing my post titled Bill Organizing, which is where I showed you how I organize my bills and the process in which I pay them.  My process is the same, my binder is just updated to this one.
I still paperclip the actual bills behind this form. 
I have two sections marked monthly bills.  One for Bills-this Month and one for Bills-next Month.  I’ve printed the monthly budget forms for the rest of the year too and they go in the section marked bills for next month, again paper-clipping any paper bills to each page.  It works for me.
Then there is a Medical Payment Tracker.  This is to keep track of all medical payments that are made throughout the year and is for tax purposes.  This is simply my version that works for me.  I keep all the receipts and attach those behind the form as well and slip that into the pocket.
Next up is the notes from home printable page that I created.  There are three notes per     8.5 x 11 page.  Simply print and cut out and store in your family planner binder.
You know how it is on busy school mornings, when your about to send your kiddo’s off to school and oh yeah, you forgot that you need to pick them up for an appointment today.  Simply grab a note from home, write a little message to the teacher and have your little one bring this in to their teacher.

Or jot a little thank you or thinking of you message to a family or friend, pop it into a standard #10 envelope and mail it off.  These are super convenient which is totally what I like.
and last, but certainly not least, is the Event Planning Checklist.  This form works so great to stay organized while planning a party, bridal shower, baby shower or any other type of event.  I’ve used this form multiple times now and have loved it.
Again, the All-in-One Family Planner has a total of 24 printable pages!

Here’s a breakdown of what you get:
  • Planner Cover Page
  • 2012 Calendar (12 total pages)
  • Peek into the Week
  • Special Dates to Remember
  • To Do List
  • Meal Planning Chart
  • Red Grocery List
  • Freezer Inventory List
  • Contact List
  • Monthly Budget Form
  • Medical Payment Tracker
  • Notes From Home
  • Event Planning Checklist

Click on the links above to be directed to each separate page in my shop.

So if you want to get those papers in order, this is a great start to a brand new organized 2012!

Get your All-in-One Family Planner printable package today and begin your way to a more organized you.
May you be a little inspired!
Until next time,
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