Christmas Card Display

The Christmas cards have slowly been trickling in.  I can’t wait for the next couple of weeks, when I have oodles to open each day.

I LOVE getting my mail this time of year!  It’s like a fun surprise everyday!  I love to see photo’s of family and friends from near and far, to catch up on their lives from the past year through their letters and to see some of the amazingness that so many of my talented family and friends create.

It’s craziness!  I get some beautiful hand crafted cards. This year I decided that I would come up with a different way to display the beautiful art!  In the past I’ve kept them all in a little sleigh.  I’ll still use the sleigh for letters and such.

By using a clear vase, branches, clothespins, ribbon, glass beads and a couple branches from my Christmas tree, I created a super duper, easy peasy, thrown together Christmas card display.
and it works and I LOVE it!
and I love that it only took me a wee little bit to create…
and I love that I can display gorgeous Christmas cards
and look at them all.day.long! :)
See what I mean about some amazingly beautiful hand crafted cards?  Some of these ones are from years back. (I'm just using them right now to show what the display will look like once it's filled up.) I mean for real, these ladies are super talented and I LOVE to see what they come up with every year.
I added glass beads to the vase to weigh it down, as it may get a little top heavy once more cards are added to the branches.
Simple clothespins hold the cards to the branches.
If you don’t have any branches to use from your backyard, The Dollar Tree has branches for $1.00 a bunch.

This is one way that I’ll display my Christmas cards this year.  I’m also using a photo board that I created quite a few years ago:
I haven’t showed you this board yet, because I actually plan on re-doing it.  It’s usually filled with recent photo’s of family and friends, invitations, that kind of thing.

Want to learn how I update, track and organize Christmas card addresses?  Go here to view my post from last year.

How about you?  How do you display your Christmas cards? Do share, I’d love to know.  If you've posted on it, link up your post and inspire us all.

May you be a little inspired. Until next time,
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