Thanksgiving Table Setting Ideas – Add Yours

I’ve been looking for inspiration for Thanksgiving Table Centerpieces and delightful table settings.
This was my table setting for Thanksgiving last year.

Here are some ideas that I found while browsing the web:
I just love the idea of adding photo’s to your centerpiece and I love the pear place card.

Add a black placemat and napkin for a big impact.  I actually love the idea of using purple.  Not your typical fall colors, but I love it.

Add nuts around candles displayed in pretty glass containers, how adorable of an idea is this?

This one was done up for a fall wedding (which was adorable!)  I like the idea of creating one of these pumpkin arrangements for a thanksgiving table centerpiece.

I love the ‘giving thanks’ around the candles AND look at the large letters used for the place-card name tags. Way too cute!!

I can never, ever remember how to properly set a table, so I’ve included a layout.

Okay, now it's your turn! I’d love to see more inspiring  
Thanksgiving Table Setting Ideas.  Link them up right here:


  1. I love all the inspiration here! This is my first visit to your blog and I'm now following along!

  2. I guess there are 1,000 ways to set a formal dinner table. I was always taught that the dessert spoon and fork go above the plate- like this --> http://www.tablewarerentals.com/images/formal_place_setting.jpg

    Of course, all that formality won't be needed at my house. We are going to be pretty informal since it's just me, my husband and our son this year.

  3. Love the ideas...I linked mine...Happy Thanksgiving from your newest follower!
    Christy at 11magnolialane.com


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