White Pumpkin Decorating Idea

White pumpkins are all over blog-land. I think they are fun, interesting and different, so I decided to make some too.
I was at Wal-Mart the other day and spotted these faux pumpkins on sale:
So I picked up a few of them.
I had some leftover spray paint from the bedside table re-do that I did for my son’s World Traveler Room.
I removed the stems off the pumpkins and spray painted these guys. Then hot-glued the stems back on. So simple!  The paint only takes 10 minutes (or less) to dry.
Then I used Glitter Glue to decorate the pumpkins.
I wiped the glitter glue on this one with a rag and immediately wiped some of it off before it dried.
If you don’t want to carve real pumpkins, you could do this with them too.Untitled-1
My boys and I will still do our traditional pumpkin carving night with our real pumpkins.  Since it’s already the middle of October, I should probably get on that one huh? 

These ones are for d├ęcor in my home.  I may  use them as part of my Thanksgiving table centerpiece.  Get’s me thinking… How am I going to set the table?  What kind of name tags do I want to make?  I’ll have to start hunting for inspiration. 

How about you? Do you enjoy decorating pumpkins?  Do you prefer to carve them or decorate them in another way? Do share, I’d love to hear from you.
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  1. They're very pretty. I would never have thought to paint a pumpkin.

  2. I love to carve but I have hot glued or pinned ribbon to pumpkins for centerpieces. Just follow the grooves. I like to use a coordinated assortment of black ribbon The Jack-be-Littles are really cute done that way. They would make fun Thanksgiving name tags.

  3. OOPS! Forgot to put my name on my post about pumpkins and ribbons - Auntie Pat

  4. These are really cute! Thanks for showing us how you did it :)

  5. Would never think to paint the pumpkins. They look great.


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