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Hey there!  Thanks to everyone that joined in on Thursday’s Party.  Looks like there are some great inspirations to go through. Be sure and come back on Monday, to see the Top Ten features.

So I’m sure you’ve noticed by now that I’ve been making some changes to the blog again.  My desire is to make it real easy for you to find your way around.

That’s why I created the NEW post gallery at the top of my blog, which I’m super excited about.
The gallery is set up in five different sections: Organizing, Decorating, Before & After's, Party & Gift Ideas and Projects & Tutorials

Say you decided to view all organizing posts, go to the post gallery and if you click on the view all organizing posts you will be directed to a page that looks like this:

To view any of the previous posts that have been on Delightful Order, simply click on the photo to be directed to the post.  These pages are continually updated, so it’s super easy to find a post from the past.

You can also get to any of the different sections in the post gallery from my blog sidebar too, under the popular categories photos.

So if you want to view decorating posts, just click on the decorating photo’s and it will direct you to the full page of photo’s.  Again, just click on the photo in the gallery to be directed to the post.

Hopefully you all feel that it’s nice and easy to find any post from the past, which was and is my goal… To have a completely organized blog.

A little reminder ... you still have some time to enter my Current Giveaway.  It goes until Monday, October, 24th, so go ahead and Enter to Win.  I'll announce a winner on Tuesday, the 25th.


  1. LOVE that! How did you do it? I'd love to add that to my blog. :)

    Ginger @ gingersnapcrafts.com

  2. Awesome! So easy to find what you want. I guess your brain never shuts off. You must dream organization. LOL. Thanks for sharing.

  3. It's lovely. I'll have to go read the archives now:)

  4. I love, love, love this! I would love to know as well how you did this! I'd love to add to my blog.

    Cheryl - www.pinkandpaper.com


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