Children’s Halloween Costume Ideas

Looking for a last minute DIY Halloween costume for your child? Here are some ideas for you. 
Lil’ Painter Man
I found the complete instructions to create this adorable costume here.

Beach Bum
Need: Swim Trunks, T-shirt, Visor, Beach Towel, Sunglasses, Flip Flops, 
Surf Board (you can create a surfboard out of cardboard too.)
Use brown face paint to give a tan look, add a little red to give a sun burnt look and 
white on the nose for a sunscreen look.

Homeless Person
Need: Old torn up clothing, boots, old glasses (if you’d like) 
Make cardboard sign that reads “Will work for candy or will play for candy.”
Use brown face paint to create a dirty face. Use black face paint to create a scruffy beard and mustache look, add large eyebrows if you’d like too.

Need: sunglasses, ripped jeans, jewelry, wig or spiked hair, bandana
Create a guitar out of cardboard, have your child color it.

Need: brown clothing, string for belt & part of the headband, brown material (headband)
trim (if you have it, hot-glue or pin in place) feather, bow and arrow, face paint.
Use brown face paint to darken the face, paint stripes on face.

and… here are some cute ideas that I found online:
Source: Family Fun

Source: Alpha Mom

Source: Parents

There you have it. Quick, Easy DIY Halloween Costume Ideas for your wee little ones.
Happy & Safe Halloween to ya'll!

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