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Back in  April I staged a clients home for sale.  I shared some of the details with you {HERE.} She sold her home in three or four WEEKS! Amazing huh?  She loved all the little decorating changes so much in her old home, that she hired me to help her furnish and decorate her new place.  

So this past summer I spent a while at her new home.  Decorating it room by room.  I hired my niece to help me and we finished a sports theme room for my clients son.  I already showed you his sisters pink, black and white zebra room, if you missed that post, view it HERE.

Below are some of the little decorating details of this sports theme boys room:
The adorable wall art came from Homegoods.
My husband found the bookends and hat and glove at a garage sale.
 The little boxes are from Ikea.
This cute little lamp was on sale at Homegoods.
The headboard came from his sisters room.  You'll notice it in the before photo's of her room HERE. The soccer ball and football pillows on the bed are from Homegoods.
I spied these stuffed soccer balls at Ikea, picked up a few and hung them from the ceiling with fishing line, making for an inexpensive way to create a focal point above the bed.  After looking at the photo's now, I'm wishing I would have done five soccer balls (or maybe even seven) instead of three.
Stuffed animals are contained in a basket in the corner of the room.
 The lamp on the bedside table came from Ikea.
I hung a cork board on the wall for all his medals and such. The little soccer ball, glove and football  plaques are $1.00 items from Joann's.  I just hot-glued them onto the cork board.
I got the circle wooden blocks from Joann Fabrics (they were unfinished.)  I had my niece paint them.  The circle sports balls are from Joann's as well, I attached them to the circles with wood glue and added hooks.
I designed the sports wall art and had them printed. You can find the printable JPEG file available to purchase in my Etsy Shop.
Find the baseball print here.
and the soccer print HERE.

Now let's take a peek at the before and after's together:
That my friends, is the sports theme room that I recently finished.  

The paint colors in the room are:
The brown wall is Devine's Cocoa, the blue walls are Devine's C'est La Vie

I have more to show you from this home, so be sure and come back soon.  If you aren't already, I'd be delighted to have you as a follower (over there on the right sidebar) and as always, comments are welcome on this blog!  I love.love.love hearing from my readers.  You always encourage me to keep on keeping on!

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  1. I love it DaNita! I love how the bed is on the diagonal in the corner...it's such a fun look! I also think that the 3 soccer balls above the bed are perfect...5 or 7 may have been too much maybe?! This is a fabulous room!

  2. Wow what a great transformation! I love it. Im doing a sports theme for my boys room and I definitely got some inspiration. Thanks for the post!

  3. I love this room! I'm going to steal some of your great ideas for my grandsons!

  4. First I have to say I love your new header. Very pretty. I love this room. Everything looks so cute!

  5. My son would LOVE this room! That lamp is brilliant and I adore the picture. Thanks so much for sharing your ideas.

    Best wishes,
    Natasha @ 5 Minutes Just for Me

  6. Very nice! Even though I have 4 boys I have never decorated a sports theme room. I wonder how to keep a great room looking great with little boys! hehehe

  7. As a mom to 4 boys, I love seeing ideas like this. I'd also love to get my hands on the framed pics of the soccer and baseball wall art!

  8. You always do a wonderful job DaNita! The coat hooks were such a smart idea and I love the cork board too.

    Hope you have a great week. OX's....Tracy :)

  9. NICE! how much difference a few items make to a room.

  10. I think the room turned out really cute. I like the three soccer balls; I think while 5 or 7 would have filled the space more visually it might have looked like they were falling on him, kind of like bad feng shuil, lol. Nice job!

  11. This is a totally rad room that any boy would be proud to hang out in! I love all the little details that got worked in...especially the soccer balls, what a great idea! Thanks for linking up today!

  12. I love all details! Great finds with all the stuffed soccer balls! And kudos on your perfect organizing - wanna come to my house? :) I'd love for you to join my link party. Tuesday's Nursery is for all ages of kids decor so I hope you can make it! Nice to meet you! I'm off to check out your shop.

  13. I love this room... great detail!! I am in the process of decorating my sons bedroom with the same theme. Would LOVE to know how much you would charge for the 4 prints?!?!

    Thanks so much.

  14. This room is ADORABLE!! Love all of the simple touches! My son would LOVE this room! Thanks for sharing!!

  15. Either of my boys would love this room! It's totally pulled together and all the little details make such a great impact. Thank you for sharing your photos and inspiration.


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