Storing Children's Toys - Part 3

Remember way back when I shared part of my upstairs toy room with you?  It seems like it was forever long ago.  Time just keeps getting away from me. This summer has been crazy busy! I can't believe that school is about to start for my boys - it seems like they just got out yesterday!

Anyway... I'm finally getting around to showing you the rest of my storage solutions for the toy room.  I still have more to finish in this room to complete it.  My plan is to finish it once my kiddo's are in school.  It's easier to finish projects with one boy vs. four boys and naptime is when that will happen. 
So here is the rest of my toy storage solutions in this room:
I've already showed you this post:
Click the photo above to go to the Storing children's toys - part 1 post.
and I've showed you this post: 
Click the photo above to go to the Storing children's toys - part 2 post.

My boys have some larger toys and this is where they belong in the playroom:
Larger items fit nicely in this toy box.
I've had it  for many years.  I recently painted it white to match the room.   I think I've painted it about a gazillion times in the past.  It makes for great storage and my boys get extra seating in the room too.
Across the room are two little closets.
One of the closets store larger toys that don't fit into the toy box:
 The other little closet stores Legos:
 Organized in clear plastic drawers.
 I made labels for the bins.
Because I have a love affair with delightful labels.
To keep the lego directions organized, I punch a hole into them and attach them to book rings.
 they hang on simple hooks that I screwed into the wall.
and THAT my friends is how I store all the toys in my children's toy room.
Again, you can view toy room storage {part 1 HERE} and {part 2 HERE.}

When I designed our house plan, storage was such a huge priority.  If you're thinking of building, DO plan for a lot of storage room, if you can.

Here are my thoughts on Toys. LESS is Better!! With less, it's easier to keep organized and clean AND the kids don't get too overwhelmed with too many toys.   

If you have too many toys and you simply can't part with them, try this: Pack some away into boxes, put them in the attic or a storage room and then every so often, switch them out with the toys you have out, packing away the ones they've played with for a while.  Your children will be so excited to see the "old" toys, they'll think it's Christmas and they've just received all BRAND NEW toys! 

I still have more of this playroom to show you. Soon, I'll show you where the TV is and how I store DVDs and Wii Games AND more AND the before and after reveal!

So tell me, have you got an organized place for all your kiddo's toys?   Do you have too many toys?  Are you going to pack some away? Or are you going to donate them?  Do share, I'd LOVE to hear from you.  

Remember to link up your organized toy areas any Thursday at my Delightfully Inspiring Thursday Link Party.

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