Plain Table to Train Table

This table went from a "plain table to a train table" (say that ten times fast, it's a bit of a tongue twister.)

I've had the wooden tracks and the Thomas Trains for a long time. The tables can get expensive, so I decided to repurpose a coffee table that I found on craigslist and turn it into a train table.
My baby turned three last weekend and he is obsessed with  choo choo trains.  I showed you the details of his train birthday party in my last post.  My goal was to have this table finished for his party, so all the wee little ones could play with it. 
This is what she looked liked before:
I forgot to take a photo before I started with the primer, so you can see the legs are half done.  I used a gray primer, because I didn't want to spend too much money and the gray  was less expensive.
  After priming the entire table, I spray painted it a red hot red.
My wonderful husband (and one of the greatest dad's in THE world) starting building the tracks. I wanted him to nail the tracks to the table, so I never have to build it again. (If you have little ones who LOVE playing with trains, then you know how many times the tracks fall apart and you know how many times you have to rebuild it.)  I decided the best way to avoid all of that is to have the tracks nailed down.  I bet you can use wood glue too, if you'd like.
 All aboard...
Chugga Chugga...
Choo Choo..
and the side by sides:
The train table got a lot of use the day of my three year old's birthday party and will be entertainment for my little guy for years to come.

My husband didn't use all the tracks that we have, so my plan is to get some baskets for underneath the table to store the rest of the tracks and the trains.

Who else has re-purposed a coffee table (or any table) lately? What have you turned it into?

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  1. That looks FANTASTIC!!! Love the red. it's gorgeous! I'm so impressed. Wish I had some woodworking skills.

  2. This is sooo cute. I've been wanting to get a train table for my son but I never thought to make one myself. I wonder if hot glue would work as well as the nail gun... I love the red color as well. I bet your son loves this! I would love it if you would stop by and link this up to the crafy link party going on right now at Lines Across My Face.
    :) Rachel

  3. Ohh, that's terrific! What a great job! I'm wishing you a happy Monday!

    P.S- Know anyone who would like (or needs) a FREE blog makeover? I'm hosting a giveaway on my blog!

  4. Hi DaNita, it looks great!! Much better than the train tables you can buy. And what a good idea to nail it all down. Now you won't have pieces all over the place. ~ Catie

  5. We just got back this weekend from visiting the world's largest indoor model train display (Cincinnati, OH) and my husband said "We need to make our son a train table." I'll show him this for sure! He may want to make it from scratch, but if I can find a cheap table at a garage sale, we'd get it done much faster :)

  6. Very nice... but we LIKED taking the tracks apart and putting them back together in different shapes. We had a train table with the tracks bolted down and after a year the boys (age 4,3, and 1.5 then) lost interest after a year. When we took it apart they played with it up until they were tweens and even now (they are teenagers and one is learning to drive) they dug out the Brio bins from the attic and started playing with them. I have a living room filled with wooden tracks again and love every messy minute of it.

  7. Angela,

    That is exactly why we didn't use ALL of the tracks. So they can create more shapes with them. My bigger boys can build the tracks, but my 3 year old can't do this by himself and I wanted him to be able to play with the train set.


  8. We built a train table. This repurposed coffee table is a great idea as well! I am your newest follower.

  9. Do you happen to have the dimensions of the train table? I can't find a coffee table that I like to re-purpose so I'm going to have my hubby build one. Trying to figure out which size table would work best. Thanks!! This is ADORABLE!!!!


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