Hot Pink, Black and White Girls Room - Clients Home

My niece and I recently finished a hot-pink, black and white zebra room for a clients daughter.  This is a room that she can grow into.  I loved the way it turned out. I've wanted to do a girls room like this forever!  So when my client showed me the bedding that she bought, I was super excited to start designing and making a plan for the room.
The wall color is actually pink, although in some of the photo's it looks red. The paint  is called Punky Pink.
The lamp is from Target. The cheetah frame is from Ross.  On the side of the bed I placed a simple black box (found at Ross) to hold books.
On the other side of the bed is an existing desk and chair.  To dress up the chair, I hot-glued ribbon and an artificial flower to it.
I designed, printed and framed the wall art.
The PRINTS are available in my SHOP - Find this one HERE.
and this one can be found HERE.
We still plan on adding a white headboard. Still looking for the best deal on one.
I had my awesome father-in-law replace the old light with this beautiful chandelier.  He did it in about an hour. The chandelier is from Ikea!  I've been in LOVE with this one, for like forever!  I think I'll be getting myself one of these soon.   
The circle with the E are pieces that I found at JoAnn Fabrics.  We painted the wooden circle and the E and used wood glue to attach the letter.  I attached zebra ribbon to the wall to give this $4.00 Target mirror a more custom look.

Erin (my clients daughter) wanted paw prints somewhere on the wall, so I had my niece paint them directly on the wall with black acrylic paint.
Found this fun little notepad at Homegoods.
We painted square pieces of wood (found at JoAnn Fabrics) and attached them to the wall at a diamond shape, then I attached the letters on top.

The hooks were brown (they were super cheap at  JoAnn Fabrics) and we painted them black.
I added some zebra ribbon around the lamp shade.
The jewelry holder dress and the damask frame came from Ross.
The bed canopy came from Bed, Bath and Beyond.  The zebra bedding and pillow are  from Target. The accent pillows on the bed are from Ross.

and here's the before and after photo's:
One last look at the breakdown of where the items in the room came from:
Bedding: Target
Chandelier: Ikea
Curtains & Rod: Ikea
Bed Canopy Netting: Bed, Bath & Beyond
Rug: Ross
Glass Lamp: Target
Accessories: Ross and Homegoods
Zebra & Cheetah Purse Printable Wall Art: Delightful Order on Etsy
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  1. Great job! The room looks adorable and I love the purse prints you designed!


  2. That came out great. So many nice touches throughout.

  3. Wow, what a gorgeous, happy room! A lot of love went into it. Simply beautiful!

  4. We have that same bedding. My Girl's room is pink, black & white too.

  5. Wow! I'm totally jealous of her room!! Wish that was my room!! Although, I don't think my husband would go for pink or zebra print!! :)

  6. I love how this room has come out! Well done :)

    *Please* can you tell me HOW you got the Ikea light to 'hug' the ceiling so closely? I have an Ikea PS Maskros : http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/90147465

    And I canNOT get the damn plastic bit at the very very top of the fitting to stay snug close to the ceiling. Ugh! I'd love any help anyone may have to offer!!!! Please, I'm begging...

    (Kiwi DownUnder)

  7. Wonderful! Love that you got to do a girls room!!

  8. LOVE IT!!! I am especially drawn to the mirror with the ribbon and paw prints, as well as the shelf with the photo hung above it! Her friends are going to be SO jealous!

  9. Great job! I just re-did my 2 youngest daughters' room in this same print. I haven't painted yet, so I'm glad to have found your post!


  10. Well now this just has sassy written all over it! I love the combo of zebra and pink for a little girls room...this is absolutely darling! Thanks for linking it!

  11. Love this!!! I'm finally having a girl (I have 2 boys at home.), so I'm always looking for cute ideas. Can you tell me how you attached the painted wood diamonds to the wall and how you attached the wooden letters to them? I just want to be sure they stay up and I don't have to worry about them falling on my daughter since they will be over her crib. Thanks!!!

  12. I always worry about putting stuff above a crib as well. Often I will do a painting on the wall instead of a heavy object. Would you consider painting the diamonds and letters directly onto the wall? If not, I would be positive to secure them properly. I'm not sure I would do it the way that I did. I attached the wooden blocks with a long screw directly onto the wall, then attached the letters with a smaller screw and hooked the letters onto the blocks (the letters have hooks on the back of them.) Hope this helps.

  13. Does anyone know the name of the bedding from Target? Found the Xhilaration zebra print bed in a bag on their website but the stripes look different.

  14. Where did you buy the paint from?


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