Featuring You: Ikea's Expedit in the Laundry Room

Since there is SO much great inspiration out there, I decided to begin a new series here on Delightful Order. I'm calling it FEATURING YOU!

Today's Featuring You is showcasing a great friend of mine, Janelle.  She is a highly organized mother of six boys!  Yes, I said six boys! If you remember, way back when, I showed you the baby sprinkle that we threw for her when she was expecting her last baby.

With six growing boys, Janelle needed some organization in the laundry room. She has a great BIG laundry room, on the lower level of her 3 story home and she wanted to have the majority of her boys' clothing to stay in the laundry room.  No dressers in the bedroom, she wanted it all contained to the laundry room.
 She chose to go with the Expedit Bookcase from Ikea to store all the clothing.
 Seriously, this is such a great idea!  I wonder how I can make that work in my own home.
All the kiddo's have to do after a long day, is go to one place, remove their clothes, drop them in the dirty clothes basket, get their jammies on & do it all over again in the morning. NO more clothes on their bedroom floors, NO more having to hall clothes to the bedrooms to put them away into dressers.
 Simply Genius, I say.
 The bins are from Ikea as well.  They hold socks and underwear and swim trunks.
 Great organization Janelle!

Do you have a delightfully organized space? Or what about a beautifully decorated room?  Want to show it off and inspire others? I would be delighted to spotlight YOU and introduce you to my readers. Go HERE for more information on Featuring YOU!

Have you used Ikea products in your laundry room?  Do you have a great solution for storing clothing?  Do share, I'd LOVE to hear from you. 

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