Train Birthday Party Ideas

My youngest son, Chase, had his 3rd birthday last weekend.  Right now he's in love with choo choo trains. So of course, I threw him a train theme birthday party.  It was so much fun planning. 

I LOVE creating party printables! So I created an entire train party package and it's NOW available HERE in my SHOP.
First I invited family and friends with this custom "train ticket" invitation...
which can be found HERE in my shop.
As a table centerpiece, I filled a pot with foam and stuck lollipops into it.
 The Chase & Friends topper is my custom welcome door sign...
which is available HERE in my shop.
Here are some more of the party details:
Balloons... I Love them! and so do the little ones.  Photo courtesy of my niece, Tiahna.  Thanks, Tiahna, for all your help with the little details of the party & for so many of these great photos!!
Bubble Fun...
 and a train table... more on the this table coming soon!
The cake tasted better than it looked. ;)  (I've told you before that I am SO NOT a pro cake decorator - but my little guys LOVE their custom cakes, which  is why I make them.)   I made the track shaped like a C for Chase. It's made with Marshmallow Rice Krispy treats, then frosted and decorated. The train is made with a Rice Krispy bar too, then decorated with candy.
I made a sorbet punch (sprite, rainbow sorbet (or raspberry sorbet is yummy too)  & one  can of frozen lemonade) The kiddo's loved it and my boys have been asking me to make it again real soon.
My niece and I made candy trains as thank you favors... View the tutorial on these guys HERE.

In the printable party package you get party circle tags:
Which can be used so many different ways from cupcake toppers to thank you favor tags to stickers and more.
You also get water bottle labels...
and silverware wrappers...
and a printable party hat,  place-card/food labels & thank you cards.

Find the  train party pack here in my shop
Find the  custom train ticket invitation here

and the custom welcome sign here

Happy Party Planning!  Check back soon to see how I made the train table and to get the tutorial on the candy train party favors.
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  1. love it. everything came out so cute! he must have had a blast.

  2. Such an adorable idea! I love the invitations! I doubt he(or anyone, for that matter) will soon be forgetting such a party!

  3. How fun! And of course I have a special love for anyone with that name...;)

  4. Ahh...as a mama of two little ones, these are so cute I can't hardly stand it! My 4 year old is gaga for planes and helicopters, and had I been able to find something like this, I would have jumped on it!! You did an amazing job.

  5. My 12 year old still plays with his Thomas trains!! He and his sister have a blast with them!

    Becky B.
    Organizing Made Fun

  6. You are so talented! Everything is just adorable...I am sure he loved it too. I love hour you personalized the cake for him. What wonderful memories you are creating. I think
    you should be a party planner; you make everything look so beautiful and fun.

  7. This whole post just made me SMILE! Awesome job! Happy Birthday, lil' dude!


  8. CUTE CUTE CUTE! Love all the details!! We host a linky party “Help a Momma Out” every Tuesday. This would be a perfect link up! Please feel free to add it :) We appreciate it! Thanks for sharing!


  9. You are so creative! I love it! Sadly my littlest guy has grown out of his choo choo phase and is now onto fighter jets! So I am throwing him a camo/jet/army party! Wish me luck. I am not as graphically inclined as you but I am attempting it for the first time.
    You inspired me :)

    August 3, 2011 7:38 AM

  10. The link does not work anymore to your shop..

    1. Only because my shop is on vacation from August 19th through September 2nd. It will be open again on the 3rd of September.


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