My Sons ' World Traveler ' Bedroom

It's been a while since I told you that I'd show you the rest of my oldest son's World Traveler room. I'm finally sharing the room with you now.  This one is another long post. Hope you don't get bored with it.

The reason that it's  taken me so long to post his entire room is because I've been hunting for a few globes to hang from the ceiling.  The idea came from Pottery Barn. I pinned the Pottery Barn photo on Pinterest. I didn't want the typical blue ones though,  I wanted the ones that are more gold/tan in color.
If you don't want to spend too much money, garage sales (or goodwill) are the perfect place to find globes. I found one and my friend found another for me at  garage sales. 
The third one came from another friend of mine. We did a trade, she got a stair gate that I was getting rid of and I got the cute little globe :)   My husband hung them from the ceiling with fishing line. 
I may still add a couple more hanging globes OR maybe some airplanes.  I painted the compass on the wall and cut the letters with my Cricut and vinyl. The painting isn't perfect, but that's okay, because it didn't cost me a dime :)   
I like to mix up bedding, rather than have everything perfectly matchy matchy.  I got the striped duvet cover, shams (and rug) at Kohls (on sale, which of course I loved.) The bed skirt and the blanket are from Ross. The navy blue pillow  is a garage sale find and...
I made a couple of pillows out of this material that I found at Hancock Fabrics.
My mom bought my son this Adventure Bible. I think it is perfectly fitting for this room and he's enjoyed reading it. The other day, he said "Mom, I'm really trying to respect you and dad, because I read in my adventure bible that if you respect your parents, God will grant you with a long life." That makes a mama happy :)!!  He's just growing up way TOO fast!

The cute little clock is from Ikea. 

I've had the lamp for a long time.  I got it at a local home decorating shop.  I hot-glued the red cording around the shade. I've seen some similar at Homegoods and Fred Meyer (but not as big.) 
On the other side of the bed I stacked some trunks. The orangish/reddish trunk is from goodwill.
 Here is his desk area:
I stole this chair from my  homework desk that I created in my back entrance.
I found the adorable airplane print at a garage sale.  The globe, truck and stars are from Ross.  The little hanging plaques on the stars use to have "love and blessing" sayings on them, which were cute, but not for a boys room...
 So I painted over the sayings and stamped boy sayings onto them.
The lamp is from Goodwill...
I hot-glued some navy blue ribbon around the lamp shade. I've had the little suitcases forever.  I believe I found them, many years ago, at Ross. 
The little buckets are from Target's dollar section.  I spray painted chalkboard paint onto round wooden circles and attached them with hemp. I'm thinking about getting some more of these for my boys' homework desk.  Ikea has great little buckets like this too.
 Loved this frame that I found at TJ Maxx
 Organized games and such.
 another view of the room.

I've already shared a few other projects from this room.
If you missed them, be sure and check them out:

and that, my friends is my forever loooong post on my son's World Traveler room.  

Tell me, is this post way too long?  Are there rules on how long a post should be? Did you get bored with it? Or... where you inspired in any way?  Do let me know, I truly LOVE hearing from you!

Happy Monday to you all!
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  1. I don't think it's too long at all. I enjoyed seeing what you did in there. It's really nice! love the idea with the globes and the fabric on the throw pillows

  2. I agree...your post was just right! I love what you did and how well you've explained things. I am inspired!

  3. Was not too long. Really neat theme. Love seeing other peoples ideas!

    Great Job once again!

  4. It was not long at all and there are *no* rules to how long a post should be. Your blog, you make the rules :)

    The room looks great and the globes hanging are such a neat idea!

  5. Love it! I want to do a wall of maps for my boys, like a world map in the middle and then other places around it. I love the globe idea!

  6. Looks great. I love the hanging globes - definitiely adds that extra touch. Great job.

  7. I didn't think it was too long at all. I enjoyed all the ideas!! When we move maybe I can put some to use in our new home!

  8. Love the room!! I need to redo my son's room... thanks for the ideas!

  9. Wow, fantastic job!
    'hugs from afar'

  10. Great job - I love everything!

  11. Not too long. You know women, we want all the details. If you had left anything out, one of us would have been asking about it LOL The post was engaging and especially enjoyed the close up photography of details. Thank you for all the time you put into posting this.

  12. I am in the process of doing the same theme for my sons room. I love the old world theme and love vintage finds. Thanks for posting I think you did a terrific job. I love your hanging globes, I never would have thought to incorporate hanging them up. I bet it saves on space to. Thank you for sharing your wonderful talents.

  13. What a great bedroom!! I love the globes hanging from the ceiling!! So cute!! You did an incredible job on this space!!

  14. I just found your blog - it's wonderful :) You have such neat ideas.

    I love this room. I have 4 boys in one room and I am always looking for ways to decorate and organize that room of theirs!

    I'm a new follower :)

    They All Call Me Mom

  15. It turned out very nice. Love the compass along with the headboard and striped bedding. The wall color is nice and the whole bedroom looks comfortable and not too fussy. Good job.

  16. This is definitely my favorite of the rooms you linked up! I already have a weakness for maps/globes, so this is feeding my addiction, big time! This is so brilliant too because it can grow with him, so great! Thanks for linking it up!

  17. I love this post!!! I have two boys, 6 and 2, and am always looking for better ways to organize and create new looks for their ever growing tastes. Thanks for sharing all of your ideas! And this post was definitely NOT too long! :)

  18. I found this on pinterest!!! It's the inspiration that I've been looking for to re-do my son's (12) bedroom. He has aspergers so his interests are very different than his peers. But he loves the travels of the world, partly because of the fact that I traveled the world as a teen and partly because he has odd interest of his own. I lived as an expat in SE Asia for ten years growing up. So he wants to put many of the things I acquired overseas into his room. Least to say I got some strange things growing up, I mean what teenage girl wants a barong mask, complete with LONG horsehair hanging in her room right? But many of them have been packed since we moved back to the states in 1990 when I was 18. *yikes* But since my mom's death a few years ago my dad has been going through those things and bringing some of those things out. This will be perfect! I wouldn't even need to repaint his walls, as he chose khaki when we repainted his room last summer, but didn't go beyond painting it since I didn't know what to do with it. I love the N-S-E-W thingy over the bed. Not sure of it's official term and the hanging globes. But I may make them lower so he can look and study them as he desires. As he often watches programs about the world and wants to find them on the map. Thank you for the inspiration!


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