Boxes, Bins, Baskets and More Storage

Recently I received an email asking where I get my boxes, bins, baskets, etc. from.  I decided that I would share  it all in one post.  Be warned tho, this post is loooong, with lots of pictures.  I'm simply going to tell you where I've gotten the item in the photo.

Most of the baskets, bins and storage solutions that I use come from Ikea, Target, Walmart and The Dollar Tree OR I make them myself.  Ross has some great storage solutions, at a great price, as well.

Note: This post contains affiliate links. You can read more about it here.

Looking into my pantry:
which consists of Tupperware Modular Mates and IKEA Baskets...
 Modular Mates from Tupperware
 Baskets from Ikea 
(unfortunately, they don't have these ones anymore, but they do have some similar)
Expandable files from Target.
Find similar ones here.
more baskets from Ikea
 and more from Ikea (they do have these ones right now)
 bins from either Walmart, 
Target, Fred Meyer or Amazon
 Jars from Walmart. Clothespins from The Dollar Tree
These jars are similar to mine and these clothespins are similar.

 Baskets from Fred Meyer
(these are similar)
 CD Cases from any office supply store
 Walmart or Joann Fabrics
 These ones are from The Dollar Tree
 Organized Trays from Walmart,
Target or any office supply store
 Children's Size Hangers (from anywhere) to store tissue paper
 Pegboard from Lowes or Home Depot
 Canning Jars from any store (these ones are from Walmart)
 Make your own wrapping paper holder with cafe curtain rods
Asker containers from Ikea
 Glass Jars from Amazon, Walmart and Target
 More Glass Jars from Walmart
 These baskets are from Homegoods
 Dollar Tree
 More Dollar Tree
 Expandable Files from
 can't remember where this one is from.  Either Office Depot, Target or Walmart.

Find similar expandable file holders here.

 Dollar Tree
 more Dollar Tree
 and MORE Dollar Tree
 Spice Holder - Bed, Bath and Beyond
 This one was custom built by my cabinet guys
Dollar Tree
and they come in different colors.
 Magazine Holders from Ikea
more from Ikea
 From Walmart or anywhere.
 Key ring hooks from Bed, Bath and Beyond (similar ones here)
DIY Everyday Message Board (frame from any store, remove glass, cover with material and personalize.)

I've also created something similar to my Everyday Message Board that I sell in my shop:
and a piece to keep childrens schedules, homework, etc organized:
Child's Message Center Print. Frame the print and use as a dry erase board.

DIY Mail organizer - Files from Target, Ribbon from Walmart.
Here is a Mail Organizer that is similar.
 DIY Recipe Box (Box from Craft Warehouse)
Amazon has so many cute recipe boxes!
 DIY Belt Holder - Plaque from Joann Fabrics, hooks from Walmart
 Canvas bins from Target, Walmart, Fred Meyer (many colors available)
 Box from Target in the gift wrap section
Love this Greeting Card Holder
These canvas bins are from Walmart
 metal sand pails from Target
Similar pails can be found here.
 baskets from Ikea
(you're getting a sneak peek at this post, which is coming soon!)

I make all of my labels.  Some of them are available in my SHOP. I also do Custom Labels too, so if you have something in mind, and you don't see it in my shop, send me an email, (delightfulorder@gmail.com) I could design something for you.

Most of these are from previous posts that I've written.  Search my POST GALLERY to find a particular post.

I have a LOT more storage solutions to show you (like organizing in the playroom, which you've now got a sneak peek of) and organizing in the garage,  the laundry room, my master closet and bathroom, meal planning, binders galore AND TONS more!  So, if you don't follow my blog, feel free to do so, to stay updated on inspiring ways to simplify, create, organize and decorate.

If you have any questions on storage solutions, please do not hesitate to ask.  I DO LOVE hearing from my readers and I'd be DELIGHTED to help in any way that I can.

Find more of my favorite products right HERE!

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