Mail Organizer : Tips on Hanging & More

I've recently received an email regarding my Mail Organizer that I made a while back.
Anonymous asks: "Ok this may be a silly question but exactly HOW did you run the ribbon through and how much did it take? I love this idea and I have all of the supplies but I just can't seem to make the files hang correctly. Is it one continuous piece of ribbon or is it cut and attached on the back in some fashion?"

This was NOT a silly question at all!! It took me a while to figure out HOW to do this, but YES, it is one continuous piece of ribbon. I'm betting I used the entire spool of ribbon.
Now I'm not sure (as I don't have the spool any longer), but I'm thinking this spool of ribbon was about 7/8" x 18 feet.  I got it from Walmart.

Today I'm sharing photo's of the back and am going to try and explain how I did this, as best I can.
While threading the ribbon through you will be working your way UP.  Give yourself plenty of space to lay it all out, either on a large counter or the floor works too.

# 1 - Remove all of the ribbon from the spool.  Insert it through the FRONT of  the "bottom" file, as shown in photo 1. 

#2 - Bring the ribbon up over the back of the next file (as shown in photo 4) insert it through the back of the file and bring your ribbon through the front (as shown in photo 2.)  Repeat this process to the other side.  You will have overlapping ribbon on the front.

#3 - Repeat step #2 to the third file and run the ribbon up (leaving a little room) tie both ends into a pretty bow and hang from a decorative hook.

Photo #3 shows that the files actually hang loosely.  I use a sticky glue dot to keep the files hanging straight on the wall (only because my little ones, LOVE to hit it on the way out the door.)

HOPE this tutorial helps.

Speaking of wall mount mail/ paper organizers, I've seen a lot of really neat ones in blogland.  This one caught my eye, a while back and I pinned it on Pinterest.  If you haven't heard of Pinterest, you simply MUST check it out.  This is where I organize my online inspiration and I'm LOVING it!!
This paper organizer was created by Less Cake More Frosting and it's simply adorable!!  This one is made with a  SPONTAN Magazine file from IKEA. See the tutorial {HERE}

OR you can make one like mine, with files from Target:
I've been thinking that it might be neat to personalize it with some fun fabric flowers, instead of the paper ones. Kinda like the ones that I made for my Everyday Message Board.

AND ... today I created some printable Organized Mail Labels. They are NOW available in my Etsy Shop:

Simply click the photos above to be directed to the item in my shop. Remember you can always find links to my printables at the top of this blog under the MY SHOP tab.   Be sure and check my shop often, as there are more  items coming soon!

Have you made a unique mail organizer?  Do share! We'd ALL love to hear about it.
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