Father's Day Gift Idea with Free Printables

Today I put together a father's day gift basket for my husband.   I'm excited to share the finished product with you AND I appreciate ALL of my readers so much that I'm giving you some FREE  father's day printables!!

My man really doesn't have a sweet tooth, so staying on the same lines as the candy bouquets that I've made, I created a basket more suitable for him.
This is the kind of thing that he likes. 
 Beef Jerky, Peanuts, Pistachios, Word Searches, Money, Gum and Mints
 Below is a quick tutorial, showing you how I did the money folds.
This is how I folded the bills:
Attach the accordian folded bill to a floral pick
and  simply fan out both sides.
Another fun idea would be to get a coffee mug and make an arrangement just with money.  In the past, I've also used sticks and made a money tree, attaching the bills with ribbon . Little clothes pins, paper clips or binder clips would work well too.
NOW here are your FREE printables:
I saw this word search card as a feature over at Tatertots and Jello and thought it was so cute - so I copied was inspired by the idea and created my own.  I'm really hoping there aren't any bad words in mine.  You know how it sometimes goes, when your adding letters, you just never know if you're going to spell out a word by accident. All the words ARE suppose to be what a dad is... super, incredible, smart, respected, loved, etc.
The party circles can be used for anything!  From cupcake toppers, to tags, to party decorations and more.

AND again, here's one last look at the Father's Day Gift Basket:

 How about you, have you got your Father's Day gifts yet?  
Any fun and unique ideas?  Link them up right here and share with all of us:

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