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A couple of weeks ago I was hired to re-decorate a friends home.  My client has a beautiful home and was wanting a "fresh, new look." So I went in and did a little rearranging and switching of curtains and accessories to create a "NEW" feel. This post is  more or less just photo's for your viewing pleasure and hopefully a little inspiring to you as well.
Living Room:
For a little different window look, I took one side of the plain window panel and swung it over the other side of the curtain rod.  The green pillows, the floral pillows and window panels all came from Ikea.
I LOVE the large artwork.  It's from Homegoods.
I blocked out the family photo's - for the privacy of my client.
Entry Table:
Dining Room:
Family Room:

Kitchen Niche:
Reading Area:
Back Entrance:
Here are a few of the Before and After's of the Living Room:
and the Family Room:
The little shelf in her kitchen:
and this one is in her master closet:
My client did this space with suggestions that I made.  She wanted a place for her sewing machine and gift wrapping supplies and she has this great big walk-in closet, which was a perfect place for this.

A little moving around of accessories, furniture and curtains can make big changes to a space.

How about you, do you LOVE to switch things up a bit in your home to get a WHOLE NEW look? 

May you be a little inspired!

Until next time,

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  1. Looks great! Love the pop of green.

  2. beautiful job-- I love the pop of green

  3. This minimalist look has been incorporated into modern home decor as a stress-lessening technique. Nowadays, so many people are stressed that coming home that is overwhelmed with different things can make things even worse. Thus, create more space and less stress by incorporating the minimalist look into your modern home decor.

  4. wish I could do stuff like this

  5. the bedroom closet... amazing.

  6. This is what I did with my large window in my living room.... I used 2 smaller curtain rods instead of one large one. At first I didn't even notice you had done the same until I started looking at the before & after....Very nice! :)


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