Children's Clothing - Star Label Tutorial

Back in my Organizing Children's Clothing post, I told you that I would share how I made the labels for my fabric bins.  Well, folks, here is the "how-to."

I picked up some of the same wooden stars that I used in my Make Your Own Star Wall Hooks post. (I think the stars are about 29 cents a piece at Joann Fabrics.)
I created the labels (which are NOW available in my ETSY Shop) printed and cut them out, and simply Mod Podged them onto the stars.
Before I glued the label on, I inked the edges of the wooden stars with an ink pad.
and popped a hole into the star,
then I punched a hole into the cut-out label...
and simply Mod Podged the label on.
Attach them to your bins with any ribbon you like.
You can even attach them to dresser drawers.

These are SUPER EASY to make.

GET your STAR LABELS printable file and bring Delightful Order to your children's clothing:
 Simply click the above photo to be directed to the item in my shop.

You wouldn't need to use the wooden stars.  You can even print the labels on a thicker card stock paper and simply mod podge the cut-out label, which would would work just as well. 

Happy Organizing!
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  1. Thanks for sharing the link to your favorite "link parties"....I feel like i viewed your page 1000 times today checking them all out!! :)

  2. Your labels turned out so cute! I love the bright stripe background... it looks like fun! I would imagine it makes your littles want to be part of the organizing/clean-up process too. Hmm.... I wonder if that would work with mine. ;)

  3. These would be great for the little boxes I have been saving to put Zoe's socks in :)

  4. Hi! I am new to your blog and I am working on organizing my son's toys and thought this would be a great idea. However every time I use Mod Podge on printed paper the ink smudges. Do you have any tips? I am using an ink jet printer and Paper Mod Podge. Thanks in advance.


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