Bedside Table Re-do

I believe in the power of PAINT. You can transform a room with a gallon of it AND you can transform a little side table with a few cans of spray paint, which is exactly what I did with this lil' bedside table.  
 This is what she looked like before:
The black wasn't bad, but this lil' table lives in my sons' World Traveler room and I  really don't have much black going on in there. So I decided to change the color.

First, I gave it a light sanding and then sprayed a couple coats of white primer on.
Then I gave it many coats of this Satin Ivory spray paint.
Once the paint was completely dry, I took a piece of sandpaper, and lightly sanded the edges, to reveal some of the black underneath.
Giving the table a little "worn" look.
Here is the side by side before and after photo:
Since I haven't painted a lot of furniture, I'm still learning. So here's my questions for ya'll...I haven't given this table a top coat, do you know of a good top coat in a spray can? or  is there only top coats that need to be brushed on? and what's the brand?

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