Mother's Day Gift - Sprinkled with Love

I'm calling this the Mother's Day gift basket, which has been "Sprinkled with LOVE."  

It's just a simple basket that I created with packets of seeds for planting. Because, Mother's plant seeds of LOVE, JOY, HOPE, PEACE, PATIENCE, KINDNESS, etc. into children, I wanted to incorporate some of those little sayings into the gifts. 

If you still haven't figured out what to get for your mother, this is a really quick and easy gift to create. I've even created a FREE printable for you to print too. It's at the bottom of this post.

The Mother's Day Sprinkled with Love Basket looks like so:
 I purchased the basket and a few packets of seeds, I had the flower and the paper shred...
...and this adorable spot sprinkler is from Target. (it's tucked in the basket, you just can't see it.) 
I LOVE the flower shape.
I created and printed the MOM card.  Glued it to a few other layers of cardstock paper, added some flowers and a pearl embellishment to the O in love and some ribbon to the top of the card.  I also created...
... some envelope type seed packet holders and the little circle tags.  They read.. 'a mother plants seeds of LOVE, HOPE, JOY.'

To create the seed packet holders, I simply cut a 3 1/2 x 12 piece of scrapbook paper and scored and folded it about 3/4 of an inch from the top and the bottom.
and scored and folded it in the middle.
 This is what it looks like on the inside.
 I added a glue dot to the back of the packet to hold it in place.
 Then folded the top over, punched a hole and added some pretty ribbon to the top.
Here's another peek at the finished basket:
NOW... For you, my lovelies... here is your FREE printable:
Simply click on the image above and PRINT.

My husband and I are TRULY blessed to have such Awesome Mothers! Seriously, we could never ask for better!  We Love them TONS!

Happy Mother's Day to all you Mom's out there!  
May your day be SPRINKLED WITH LOVE!!


  1. An OUTSTANDING gift! Happy Mother's Day to YOU too!

  2. Hi! I am a Scrapboker from Brazil, and this week I'm doing a series of posts about organization on my blog, and doing some reasearch on Google I found your blog. So very inspiring! I'm moving in July, and I'll be sure to get some ideas for my new home!

  3. Happy Mother's Day DaNita!!

    Love this cute idea.

  4. Good Morning DaNita! These are darlin'! What a cute and smart idea. This would be a gift I'd love to get. BTW - you should come by my blog and read this:

    Hugs...Tracy :)

  5. This is an adorable gift idea! I can see many uses for it like house warming, friendly neighbor, school fundraising silent auction, etc. So many possibilities! Thanks for sharing!

  6. This is a beautiful craft! I am going to share it with my cousin who has a preschool. This would be great for her kids to make! Thanks for sharing. I'm visiting from The Joyful Stamper.

  7. Tanya! your right - it would be a fun gift for children to make! I was also thinking it would be so CUTE to put the packets and the sprinkled mom card displayed in little watering cans.

  8. Simply adorable!... Happy Mother's Day to you as well.



  9. Hey sweet friend! Im sorry I havent been around much at all the last few weeks...Im still fighting these shingles and now Ive caught a bad headcold...Happy Mothers Day weekend!

    These are ADORABLE! I SWEAR, everything you do turns out AMAZING!!! You are SO GIFTED!


  10. I love the idea. I printed off you sheet of things, used them, but I actually made a candy basket and the "envelopes" were sideways with tape on one side to keep the candy in. Thanks again for the great idea - I didn't know WHAT I was going to do for my Mom.

  11. Hi! I'm antonella from Italy, and I've just discovered your enteresting and beautiful blog!
    I've posted the link of this blog on my today's post in evaderescrivendo.blogspot.com (my blog), I hope it will be fine for you, otherwise, please let me know and I'll delete it.
    Thanks for your tips and pics,

  12. Lovely! This will work great for a Teacher Appreciation gift as well!

  13. I love this! Would you maybe consider adding the other "fruit" to the printable? And maybe an option for Grandmothers?

  14. This is a great gift! Lovely too.


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