Bringing Color to My Front Porch

I've been wanting to bring some color to my front porch for many months now.  I finally found the time to pick up some flowers for my pots and the other day I spent a BEAUTIFUL day planting and brought in some much needed COLOR.
Right now, it looks a little wimpy, but it won't be that way for too long.
At least, I'm hoping!  I SO do NOT have a green thumb!! So, we shall see! ;)
This here, is what my porch looked like before:
 boring! blah! need color!
and another boring! blah! need color area.
But nothing that some pretty flowers can't fix.
I LOVE Geraniums!
To add a little height to my pots, I always get Dracaena Spikes ...
The purple one is Verbena
Like I said before, I love geraniums and get some every year.
Another favorite of mine is Scopia Gulliver White Bacopa
It's gorgeous once it grows and trails over the pots.
Another trailing favorite is Cabaret Calibrachoa.
Love me some Pansies
This one is White Nancy Lamium.  
White flowers will appear and bloom throughout the summer.
I LOVE the added color!!

Who else has been outside working to bring order to their yards, porches, gardens, etc.
I would LOVE to see your OUTDOOR SPACES. Link them up right here:

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