Sun Hat and Headband Giveaway

It's time for another GIVEAWAY!!   This one is coming from Daisy Cottage Designs and with summer just around the corner, NOW is the perfect time to win these items!  This would make for a GREAT gift too!

Daisy Cottage Designs specializes in handmade crocheted beanies, owl hats, and photo props for newborns, babies, children, and adults and I'm telling you they are simply A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E!!
Enter NOW to WIN this  sun hat and a headband!!
Daisy Cottage Designs
You get a robin's egg blue crocheted hat with a white, detachable flower.
Daisy Cottage Designs
Hat size: 4-12 year old
AND... You also get a HEADBAND too!!
Daisy Cottage Designs
Daisy Cottage Designs is  willing to let the winner choose the colors of the headband and the winner can also choose a different size, if they'd like to use it as a gift or for a different child.

(Free shipping to the US and Canada ONLY.  Outside of that, winner would pay shipping charges.)

for offering this giveaway! 

Be sure to check out the Daisy Cottage Designs ETSY shop.

NOW Enter to WIN - It's so easy!! 
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This giveaway will run until Monday, June 6th, 2011 
I will announce a winner on Tuesday, June 7th, 2011

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Make Your Own Belt Holder

I'm still working, little by little, on my sons World Traveler Room.  So far I've shared with you the Star Wall Hooks and the DIY Headboard

I recently moved  a desk that was in  my toy room (not my  downstairs toy closet, I'm talking about my upstairs toy room, which I plan on sharing with you) into his room and brought his dresser into my other boys' room.  Leaving NO more room for a dresser in here.

That was okay with me, because I had a PLAN for his clothing.  They are now in his closet, on a bookshelf, that was also moved from the toy room.  I still have to get the bins to store his clothing, BUT I know exactly what I want and will definitely share his clothing storage soon.

I wanted to create something to hang his belts on, and stumbled upon THIS POST over at Dittle Dattle.  I believe it's only proper to give credit where credit is due and I'll tell you,  after seeing her boys belt holder, I was inspired!!

Here's the Belt Holder that I created:
Again, giving credit where credit is due, I must tell you: I knew that I wanted a board and hooks and paper and mod podge, BUT I wanted something more than just the word "Belts" on the board.

So I, like I often do, called my mother and she reminded me of the "Armor of God" scripture verse and that it talks about the belt of truth.  I went over to Bible Gateway and looked up the verse. It's SO perfect!! NOW, as my eleven year old gets dressed, he can reach for a belt and see this.  A wonderful reminder each morning!!

Want to make one too? It's SO EASY!!  Here's the tutorial:
 Get a plain wooden board from any craft store, 
or maybe you have some extra scraps of wood kicking around.
 Paint the edges of the board.  
After it dries, trim a piece of scrapbook paper to fit the front of the board...
... and using mod podge, glue the paper on.
Click HERE to be directed to Google DOCS. Once in Google Docs, click file, then PRINT PDF
 Click on the image above to print THIS FREE PRINTABLE and trim it down.
(Please remember that all my Free printables are for PERSONAL USE only.)
 I used a brown stamp pad and inked the edges a bit, to give it a little more antique look.
Mod Podge the verse on top of your scrapbook paper.
add some hooks...
   Add a sawtooth hanger to the back of the board...
  Hang it on the wall.  Hang your belts from the hooks
... and you get a unique belt holder.

Happiest Memorial Day to you all!

I'm excited to announce that I have another giveaway COMING soon!! 
So be sure and COME BACK SOON to ENTER TO WIN something ADORABLE!!

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Candy 'Cake' Gift Idea

A couple of weeks ago, I was contacted by my son's school 'room mom,' asking if I would help her create an "End of the Year TEACHER Gift." She wanted the gift to be from the Entire Class. Of course, I said YES, I'd love to help, since this is totally right up my alley!!

I sent out an email to all of the students parents explaining that the 'room mom' and I were creating a gift for the teacher and that it was going to be a gift from the ENTIRE class and asked the parents for a donation of any amount to purchase gift cards for her.  ALL of the parents were so generous!! We received $100.00 for the gift cards! How AWESOME!! huh??

So after a little thought and a little creating, I made a 3-tier 'Candy Cake.'  BUT, with a twist!  You see, you'd never know it, but there are "hidden" gifts inside this candy cake.

Here is the Candy 'Cake' that was presented to a WONDERFUL teacher...
...WHO, totally TAKES THE CAKE, when it comes to teaching ;)
This one is a little complicated, so let me try to explain it, as best I can:
This is the TOP LAYER:
and guess what: it opens! When you take the top lid off, this is what's inside:
A $50.00 Target Gift Card.
When you take the next lid off, you see this:
A $50.00 Barnes and Noble Gift Card and...
 Open the next one and this is what you see:
Handmade Cards for the teacher from ALL of her students!
The room mom went into school one day, during Art, and helped the students create the cards.
Here's the How To:
 #1 - Gather Supplies: Three Different size Rubbermaid Take Along Bins, Wrapped Candy, Artificial Flowers, Ribbon, Paper Shred, Cardboard Cake Circle and a Hot-Glue Gun
#2 - Wrap curling ribbon around each candy bar
#3 - Remove lids and hot-glue the candy to the rim of the take along bins
#4 - Repeat Step #3 to all three bins
#5 - Hot-glue the BINS to the COVERS of the next size larger, so they stack on top of each other, creating three tiers
#6 - Hot-glue paper shred and pretty artificial flowers to the edges of the lids and to the bottom of the circle cake
#7 - Finish with a "cake topper" of your choice.  I made the  "you take the cake" label and attached it with a Popsicle stick
Hot-glue the large bowl to the cake circle.
This is what the bottom of the first bowl looks like.
and the bottom of the second bowl.
and this is the bottom of the entire candy cake.
Here is what the 4 finished pieces look like:
And again when you put it all together...
... this is the final candy 'cake'. 

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Delightfully Inspiring Thursday Party - 13

Welcome to another Delightfully Inspiring Thursday Party!
 Once again, I'm featuring some greatness from last week. 
Click on the photo to be directed to each of the posts.
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Candy Bouquet Tutorial

Here is a gift idea for you.  This one can be used for any occasion.  You can even use them as table centerpieces at a party (then give them away as prizes, if you'd like.)

I absolutely LOVED.LOVED.LOVED making this. It was so fun AND  I didn't even burn myself with my glue gun ;)  (If you missed it, view my  DIY headboard post, where I burnt myself with the hot-glue gun.)
NOW onto this tutorial: How to Create a Candy Bouquet:
  Supplies needed for this project:
I suggest getting something heavier than just a basket, as the bouquet gets a little top heavy.  (I ended up adding left over rock from my flower pen gift idea) to the bottom of my basket, for the weight.  You wouldn't need to do this, if you had a ceramic pot or something heavier. 
any craft store would have these, I found mine at Wal-mart
If needed, trim the styrofoam to fit into the basket.
Add some of the paper shred on top of the styrofoam and add three artificial flowers.  This candy bouquet would still be cute without the flowers, but I like to add them.
Hot-glue the wooden dowels to the back of each package of candy.  Use different size dowels.  I only had one size, so I trimmed them down with cutters ...
... and tie curling ribbon around the candy.
You can use as little or as many pieces of candy as you'd like and you can use ANY kind of wrapped candy. 
Now simply start adding the wooden dowels into the styrofoam.  I put a dab of hot-glue on the end of the dowel before placing it into the styrofoam, so that it stays in place.
Once I finished adding all the candy sticks, I tucked a little more of the paper shred in to fill in the empty spots.
 Add a little ribbon and a tag to finish it off.
I've created these SWEET tags and they are NOW available in MY SHOP.  Click HERE to get the Printable Tags.   I've created four different colors.  The great thing about printables is that you get a PDF file emailed to you to download and print, giving you unlimited printing abilities.

You can use these tags so many different ways. Use them as party favors and attach to a bag full of candy, attach to a thank you card, punch out holes on the top and bottom and slide a lollipop through.  These are just a few ideas, the ideas are endless.
Here's another bouquet that I created using the purple tag. 

You can also get creative and make a bouquet out of anything you want!!  In the past, I've also made "golf bouquets" for my golf-loving husband too, using sleeves of balls, golf gloves, gift certificates, etc.  I've also made "spa bouquets" "lotion bouquets" "new-baby bouquets" and more.  Just get creative and have fun with it.

Have a Fantastic DAY!
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